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Where are we heading to?

Corefactors was founded in 2013 with a simple mission: To create superbly engineered Marketing, Sales and Communication solutions that helps small and medium businesses to generate the best possible revenue. Over the years, the story is getting its flow - Multi-Channel, Integrated Solutions, User Experience Design, Very High Performance, Data Centricity, Customer Centricity - and so our company and products have evolved. But our mission has remained the same. We are, above all, a great technology company focused on solutions for Marketing, Sales & Communication

Our Philosophy & Culture

While we are a company built on creating better Customer-Focused Technology, We are also a company built on a Culture of Innovation, a belief in strong Ecosystems and, above all, Teamwork, Inspiration and Fun.

We are Enthusiastic, Open-Minded, Ambitious, Committed, Responsible, Creative, Fun, Friendly, Flexible and Passionate. Most of all, We're Innovative. And Our Culture and Guiding Principles are Focused on you - The Customer.

One Automated & Integrated Platform for 27x Revenue

Your customers matter as much to us as they do to you. At Corefactors, we provide the world's leading Multi Channel Personalized Marketing, Engagement and Communication Solutions. Every Touchpoint. Every Channel. Global. Flexible.

Our Investors, Advisors & Founders


Sharmila S

CEO & Founder

Sharmila is Co-Founder & CEO of Corefactors. She is Concentrated and Goal Oriented Business Development Professional. Under her Leadership, Corefactors has been awarded in Top 20 Marketing Technology Companies in India and Asia Pacific and HOT 100 Technology: RACE TO GRACE 2017 award.


Vimal M


Vimal Leads Business Development in Corefactors and has huge experience in Networking and Strategy Development. He executes Business Development month on month and sets new heights every month.


Siva Subramaniam

Technology & Architecture - Advisor

Siva has 9+ years of experience in building Large Scale Enterprise Applications. He is very much Passionate about solving the Business Problem with the power of cutting edge technologies. He is a Co-Organizer of Bangalore Python and Django Users Group. He mentors lot of early stage Startups to create a Simple and Robust Architectures.


Sesh Shankar

Investor & Advisor

Currently serving as Director – Operations Group in Baring Private Equity Asia. Invest and Guides Startups to achieve Profitable Revenue growth and set product vision.


FHS Accelerator


First100Sales helps Startups in various stage of business lifecycle. Ideating & Incubating, Startup & Seeding, Ramping-up & Venture




First100Sales helps Startups in various stage of business lifecycle. Ideating & Incubating, Startup & Seeding, Ramping-up & Venture

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