AI-Powered Sales CRM: Close More Deals Smartly and Efficiently

Built-In Cloud Telephony

Boosts sales team productivity and efficiency by minimizing manual work and leveraging advanced automations across sales process to reduce lead and revenue leakages.

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Centralized and Effective Lead Management

Easily capture, store, retrieve and manage customer details with a few clicks. Reduce time spent on manual entry and data tracking.

Lead Capture -Automatic & Manual

Automatically capture online leads from multiple sources or manually upload them in one go in case of offline leads.

Lead Distribution- Automatic & Manual

Distribute leads automatically or manually to different sales teams and to appropriate sales rep based on any criteria - location, source, type, availability, etc.

Centralized Customer Contact Management

Collect and record complete details about prospects & customers at a centralized place. Ensure all teams are in sync and can access instantly

Multi-Channel Nurturing

Engage prospects on their preferred channel and build an everlasting relationship through personalized messages and offers.

Connect customers directly over call with built-in cloud telephony

Increase speed to lead by reaching leads directly from CRM using Click2Call or auto progressive dialer or set up auto call triggers on lead capture.

Run targeted personalized campaigns on SMS, Email & WhatsApp

Segment leads and send personalized messages at scale across Email, SMS and WhatsApp, using pre-created templates

Automate customer engagements across

Create automated personalized journey based on pre-defined triggers across Email, SMS, and WhatsApp.

Sales Activity Management

Corefactors enable sales team to create, track, and manage their sales activities with ease while ensuring that they achieve more with less efforts.

360° view of your customer

Corefactors automatically logs all the activities, interactions done with leads and record it centrally for future references.

Calendar Management

Use inbuilt calendar to plan follow ups, tasks, meetings, and so on. Effortlessly manage completed, in-progress, and upcoming tasks and meetings.

Automated Lead Scoring

Prioritize and focus on prospects that have high chance of closing using AI-based recommendations and automated lead scoring.

Alerts, Triggers and Notifications

Whether it is scheduled follow ups or meetings or e-mails to be to sent to the customer, Corefactors never let’s you miss any opportunity.

Analytics and Reporting

Corefactors Sales CRM automatically generates insightful dashboards on real time to help you make informed decisions.

Sales Funnel / Sales Cycle Management

Visualize lead progression, spot bottlenecks across sales cycle and assess sales rep performance across sales funnel.

Sales Team Productivity Management

Access real-time reports on call logs, call duration, call recording, task completion, meeting and follow ups - scheduled, done, and failed within definied period.

Sales Performance & Target Management

Define your sales territories, teams and their targets and manage sales performance across diverse pipelines, regions, teams, individuals with ease.

Reduce your Lead and Revenue Leakages with Corefactors

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Mobile CRM App with Geo - Tagging for Field Sales Team

Access customer contact details and other relevant information like past interaction details, dashboard, task and activity immediately on the go. Engage via Call, SMS, Email, WhatsApp and online/offline meetings from anywhere. Capture location of customers and sales rep and optimize field operations with real-time geo location tracking.

Why Choose Corefactors?

India’s first RevOps enabling Sales CRM that helps you build and manage customer relationships truly efficiently and effortlessly with power of automation and AI.


Fastest Implementation and deployment in whole industry

Easy Integrations

Integrates easily with almost all the widely used apps

Personalized Support

Dedicated personalized support across journey from onboarding, training to lifelong

Easy to Use

The CRM is intuitive, with simple easy to use interfaces, thus enabling easy adoption and swift integration


Corefactors Sales CRM is designed to ensure that it is easy to customize to fit different process workflow requirements.

Budget Friendly

Most Affordable in the entire CRM industry

Hear From Our Happy Customers

We were facing serious difficulties in finding the right cost and work-effective CRM and we needed fast implementation. Corefactors helped us win over all the challenges related to building customer relationship. The ease of customization with Corefactors to incorporate all required features to suite our business needs, astonished me.

-Zuheb Sheikh, AVP of Ketto

Thanks to Corefactors, reps from our loan documents scrutiny team, payment collection team, and customer support team are now effortlessly reaching 7,500 prospects per month, ensuring seamless customer interactions and contributing to our milestone of Rs. 555 Crore in disbursed loans.

-MR. Aniket, Telecalling Head, HMPL

The good part about Corefactors is that they are very modular, they accept the customer's problems, and they are ready to customize the CRM for the customer and that too at superfast pace. That's the Startup DNA that I like about Corefactors. They are always ready to solve problems and serve the customer.

-Akash Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO, ZYPP Electric

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