4 Ways Marketers Are Proving ROI With Marketing Automation Tool

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Suffering from migraine-inducing headache proving ROI? Has it turned you into lunatic? How cruel! It should never be that way. And, that’s what Indraneel Ganguli precisely talked about in the webinar ‘What’s Keeping Marketeers Awake at Night?’ today.

What’s the Problem Precisely?

Let’s go through the problems that marketers face today. According to a report prepared by LeadPages and InfusionSoft, 47% of the business owners are reported to handle their own marketing efforts. Another Gartner Survey report echoes the same stating that marketing budgets have been reduced from 12.1% to 11.3%. To sum it up, marketing is 68% more stressful compared to the scenario five years back.
According to Indraneel, here the problems that you or your company might be suffering from:
1) Lack of Resources: Be it the people or be it budget, you can never have enough.
2) Visibility: 1.94 billion websites are there today on the internet as if staying visible and generating leads weren’t already daunting enough.
3) Social Media: How do you plan to reach 2.77 billion users spread across the social media channels?
4) Content: Trying to understand the pain points of customers? You better have authoritative and relevant content.
5) Trends: Have you figured out the best practices of technology growing at an exponential rate?
6) Trust: Outsourcing marketing activities to some agency? Do you trust them yet?

Here’s What You Can Do

1) Marketing Goals: Want to see improvement in the KPIs? No matter what you want, your goal should always be measurable and achievable.
2) Define Strategies: What is your game plan to achieve those goals? Defining strategies helps you and your team to understand the time and type of activities.
3) Outline Activities: Are you sure of the activities to undertake in the long run? Do it right now to reach people and turn them into customers.
4) Editorial Calendar: The final step is to create an action plan and editorial calendar.

Keep An Eye on the Metrics

Here are some of the metrics that you should keep an eye on:
Brand Awareness: Website traffic, page views, video views, downloads, social chatter etc.
Engagement: Blog comments, likes/shares/tweets, inbound links, forwards etc.
Lead Generation: Form completions, downloads, Email subscriptions, conversion rate etc.
Sales: online sales, offline sales, manual reporting etc.
Customer Retention: renewal rates, content consumed etc.
Upsell: sales for new products and services
With marketing automation, not only you can boost ROI but also you can increase the scope of ongoing campaigns. Some of the most successful businesses today are leveraging integrated sales and marketing tool Teleduce by Corefactors. This sales and marketing automation tool allows you to do multi-channel marketing. Track your lead and convert them into customers with Teleduce.
Indraneel Ganguli
Indraneel Ganguli
Founder Director at Reachig