5 Best Tracking Channels for SMS & Email Marketing

· 1 min read

Enabling campaign tracking is one of the important activity while running any marketing campaign. Today SMS & Email are most important channels for mass mobile marketing campaigns. Providing Combination of offline and online tracking channels enables these marketing campaigns successful and helps to engage better than any other.

  1. Missed Call – This decade missed call is one of the effortless and relevant tracking channel for end users as well marketers.
  2. Inbound SMS – As power as outbound SMS, inbound SMS helps to receive more info about the end users. Inbound SMS helps to receive email ID’s, Name, Age, Area and more.
  3. Unique Links – Unique links are powerful to track individuals and can get more info about individuals. In this connected world, mobile phones are highly capable to support unique links with which marketers can track individuals location, devices and interests.
  4. Landing Pages – Landing pages are embedded contact forms for end users to fill in. Landing pages can be simply embedded in an email & SMS content.
  5. Coupon Codes – Unique coupon codes helps to track campaigns which are driving more sales. Coupons can be auto generated by the system and attached to campaigns.

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