5 reasons why we need integrated marketing & communication platforms

· 1 min read

The more technology advances, the more it’s integrated into our daily lives.
Sales & Marketers need integrated platforms to run a seamless, informative and insightful lead generation & sales process.

Today most of the marketing tools and solutions are disconnected making marketers job complex where they need to play with multiple strings to achieve a lead generation process.

Similarly, the line between marketing & sales teams is widened when there is no clear visualization of the leads generated, quality of the leads, sales conversions, and revenue generated.

  1. Marketing & Sales team conflict on Lead quality
    Often marketing & sales teams argue on the lead quality blaming each other. With interconnected systems, lead quality is highly visible with tracked conversations, thus avoids conflicts.
  2. Marketing vs Sales Visibility
    Top management always would like to see the pipeline and sales opportunities. Traditional lead to invoice process helps to review the pipeline. But it still lacks the details of the leads, conversations, opportunities. Interconnected systems has clear communication history with every lead, thus helps the managers to review better.
  3. Seamless content delivery avoiding repeated and sending needful content.
    Most often marketing team sends repeated contents enabling disinterest among the leads. Interconnected & automated systems helps to define highly successful content delivery process creating more interest on the product/services
  4. Tracking communication enables more engagement than disconnection
    Marketers see 80% of the targets getting disconnected in the lead generation process due to less engagement. Integrated systems helps to track inbound communication and respond better.
  5. Train marketing & sales team with the help of tracked conversations.
    Tracked conversations helps team to review the conversations, contents and engagement process. Integrated systems helps the entire team to improve themselves on communication and sales pitching.