Automate Your Marketing And Sales Journey [Explained]

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Automate Your Marketing And Sales Journey [Explained]

Your marketing team has been putting effort to generate qualified leads.

Your sales team is communicating with as many qualified leads as possible. 

Even then you are not satisfied with the results. You feel there’s something missing from your business process.

Marketing and sales automation work together to provide you with better quality leads and make the sales process easier. 

But you already know that. However, to use these in your business you need to recognize the issues that are affecting your sales and marketing process.

Marketing automation creates a sophisticated profile of your business’ target audience and implements marketing messages to drive conversions.

Here’s how you can automate your marketing and sales journey:

Content Marketing

content marketing

If there’s one thing that you should do right then it has to be content marketing.

It helps to collect qualified leads that are actually interested in your product or service rather than ghost leads which are of no use. 

Content marketing can be in any form such as blog posts, industry news, infographics, videos, webinars, and eBooks.

The goal here is to share it across corporate and employees’ personal social platforms, which can be automated.

From there, viewers click on a call to action button where they are redirected to the landing page of your site.

Lead Scoring and Qualification

lead scoring and qualification

Some leads have the capacity to convert faster than the others.

Not all leads are created equal, and therefore it’s important to qualify your leads based on particular sections such as age, location, and income threshold. 

You can automate your lead scoring and qualification to give your sales team the chance to develop the leads that are closer to conversion.

A lead management system also helps in managing the incoming leads and gives your team an organized workflow.

Email Tracking

email tracking

Allow the automated system to send content related to your product or service.

A simple follow-up email can maintain your lead’s interest in your product or service.

It can include autoresponders that take the leads through a short course and provides relevant information.

The open rate tracking of an email marketing campaign helps in determining what works in your market and what doesn’t.

Measure Activity

measure activity

Probably the most important marketing automation strategy, monitor your email campaigns.

Opens and click rates as well as your website engagement, such as page views, length of time spent on each page, visitor progression, downloads, etc. 

This in turn helps you to determine which kind of content the leads are preferring and interacting with. And also, which content isn’t working. 

Be sure to experiment. Deploying email at different dates and times, A/B test subject lines, play with graphics and change your calls to action if necessary.

Track Your Visitors

track your visitors

Visitor tracking gives you the advantage of dealing with any inquiries so that you’ll be able to tailor your lead responses. 

This helps your visitors to progress through your sales pipeline more effectively than before.

As a lead will be more confident in your product or service, you can show them that you understand their needs and provide them with the best solution. 

The sales team can get a clear idea and know that that visitor has a strong interest in this particular feature of the product.

This gives the salesperson a qualified lead and may have the chance to convert.

To explain the sales and marketing automation feature in Teleduce, Corefactors is conducting a webinar with Ms. Meena Halubai on 15th October 2020 where she will be talking in-depth about the sales and marketing “Journey”. 

Automate your sales and marketing journey

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