How Call Tracking And Call Recording Can Change Dynamics Of Your Business

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How Call Tracking And Call Recording Can Change Dynamics Of Your Business

We all live in a time when businesses constantly need to update with the time in order to survive in this competitive era.

The way in which you communicate with your customers and clients can make or break your business!

While there are many channels your customers can communicate with you, calls are the most popular and most often used.

Organizations need to increase customer satisfaction by providing two-way communication and building real relationships with customers.

60% of customers prefer phones to communicate for their business-related queries.

This means that you need to pay special attention to your customer service and invest in high-quality tools to provide a smooth experience to existing customers and clients.

Call recording and Call Tracking are 2 important factors which your business must have in order to gain maximum insight into your campaigns and thus maximize their results.

Before we dive deeper into why you should have call recording and call tracking for your business, let’s understand what does it means.

What is Call Tracking?

Simply putting, call tracking is a way to collect and analyze your customers’ data.

It enables you to track calls and know which campaign or ad is more targeted at your customer base.

And thus helps in understanding customer insights better.

It gives you real-time information about the requirements of clients and explains client intent.

Call Tracking also helps in managing specific communications campaigns, marketing promotions, or website demonstrations.

It can help companies improve their call center agents’ communication skills to achieve higher conversions.


What is Call Recording?

Call Recording is the process of recording your customer calls so that you can analyze them afterward.

Call Recording helps you understand your customers and also helps you track your agents’ performance.

Call Recording is legal and a must-have feature if you’re making large amounts of calls per day.

Call Recording also helps you provide proper feedback to your team and thus evaluates where your team members are lacking.

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Reasons To Have Call Recording and Call Tracking For Your Business

Legal Factors

First, it is important to understand that telephone recording within parties is legal.

But first, you always have to inform your customer that the call they are speaking on is being recorded.

It gives your company legal proof if something went wrong. Also, it helps you understand why your clients are disappointed.

Call recording and Call Tracking improves your security and helps you ensure that all your clients are getting properly treated.

Providing legal data security and security procedures is an important part of the customer experience.

Such features provided by VoIP phones help you understand and improve your business compliance in an unprecedented way.


Dealing with Technical Problems

When you are on the phone with a customer, there are a number of factors that affect the quality of the conversation.

For example, background sound, echo, noise, etc. That is where the feature of call recording and call tracking becomes valuable.

If you miss something during the call due to a connection or network issue you can always re-listen to the conversation so you don’t miss any valuable information. 

No procedure is perfect. Even if you are following good habits, there will be times when you experience a loss of quality, a decrease in bandwidth, or another issue.

Achieving real-time understanding will help you deal with the problem and thus help in minimizing the damage.

Improve Business Communications

The data you collect from analyzing calls can help you understand customer performance and purchase trends.

You can equip your sales and support team members with real-time customer information to provide personalized services.

This can help them to develop stronger relationships with customers and increase the level of successful conversation significantly!

Also, Call tracking features like customer sentiment, lead origin, buyer intent will surely help your organization understand your customers more effectively, and will help you find new leads.

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Determine Best Time to Make Calls

If you want to retain your lost customers and build a loyal audience base, be sure to contact customers in a timely manner!

You certainly do not want to make a phone call at a time when you are less likely to receive a positive response.

Intelligent Call Tracking systems can help you determine the most appropriate date and time to call customers.

Modern call tracking tools can filter the amount of historical data and measure what time of day most customers are interested in, and give you the best chance of seeking conversion.

This can help call centers or support representatives plan calls and plan their workday efficiently.

Reduce Overall Operating Cost

Call Tracking and Call Recording provided by the VoIP Phone system did not require heavy hardware and setups. You can save lots of money and time if you switch to a VoIP system.

Also, Virtual phones didn’t require you to change your number constantly.

With features such as Call forwarding, you can forward calls to multiple devices with a single click.

Helps You Spend Your Budget Wisely

As a marketer, you should always be careful about your budget resources and do not overuse them on advertising and promotional social media pages.

So, how can you get the most out of your limited resources? 

Call tracking and Call Recording is the answer! Data collected by call tracking and call recording allows you to determine which channel or platform is generating the maximum amount of conversion.

This enables you to plan your marketing campaigns wisely and spend money only on those promotions that will give you results.

Whether it’s a social media ad campaign, a PPC ad, or a natural search, you’ll know the exact source from customer calls.

You can compare spending and revenue and increase your marketing budget to maximize profits!


Summing Up

With the rise of the internet more and more companies are going global.

And thus there is an increase in competition, if you want to survive in this competitive world you need to up your game.

Having Call Recording and call tracking features at your disposal is one such way.

These two features along with the hard work of your support staff will surely pay off.

This will definitely give your organization a dynamic boost which it was lacking before.

Today current business dynamics are very competitive. You cannot afford to lose from your competitors.

So, get a VoIP phone system today for your business and start grabbing those profits today.