Case Study of Expert Insurer Custom Solution


Not only do Vehicle Insurance Specialists generate leads for new vehicle insurance policies but also renew existing ones. The major portion of their business exists in timely interaction with existing clients to remind them about policy renewals in advance. With the stiff competitive market scenario, vehicle Insurers must have superior service to beat their rivals. This can be done only by efficient planning, periodic follow-up, timely renewals and instant servicing of calls and claims.

Expert Insurer Group is a provider for Vehicle Insurance for 2 wheelers, private cars and commercial vehicles. Initially the client was operating with a network of executives who doubled up doing both on-premise and outdoor duties. The end result was that the executives had to juggle between both office calls and client follow-ups. Consequently, timely follow-up and renewal of policies was not possible. Clients were missed out; not followed up; their calls remained unanswered and sometimes their claims unserviced.

After having spent considerable amount of energy in generating leads, they were being simply wasted due to inefficient tracking and service. Executives were busy concentrating on generating new leads while foregoing existing ones.
There was no tracking system to analyze the performance of individual executives and the Company as a whole.


Teleduce emerged as the right solution by collating leads, data and interactions. Acting as an integrated platform, it offered the functionality of a CRM for lead follow-up, Lead Manager for assessing leads and Analytics tool for monitoring.

Categorizing the Leads

First of all, all the leads were organized and categorized in the Lead box. The Leads were then sorted, scored and segregated as converted leads, or leads that needed follow-up and new leads.
Using the List Manager, the contacts were classified into separate lists to be handled to individual executives. The List Manager also maintained a complete list of the policies and sorted them to identify the ones that were about to expire.
The List Manager also helped to categorize the policies separately for private cars, commercial vehicles', leased vehicles and 2 wheelers. This offered a clarity in the functioning of the executives and analysis of the operations as a whole.

Communicating with the leads

Using Connectz, each new lead was connected using a voice call. If the call went unanswered, an SMS was sent automatically sent.
Teleduce offered a unified dashboard to view the customer list with the total profile of their interactions. All the interactions are recorded here from multiple channels. It offers multi-channel communication through SMS, Voice calls and Emails.

Timely Interactions

On the 15th day before the expiry of the policy, an alert was generated by the List Manager. In response, Teleduce initiated an automated SMS (with a missed call option) or a voice call using Connectz. Next the interaction is recorded and tracked via Missed Call, Landing page form filling or clicked link or DTMF. On the basis of the reply, targeting or retargeting measures are undertaken by executives.

Regular Monitoring

Using the unified dashboard, the leads, policies and executives - all could be tracked. Teleduce offered a 360˚ view of the customers and their policies enabling effective monitoring of the Company's performance and ROI.


Minute changes for massive impact

  1. 35% increase in policy renewals due to timely follow-ups.
  2. 20% more conversion of leads due to instant connectivity on lead generation.
  3. 50% reduction in loss of leads due to lead scoring and better allotment to executives.
  4. Targeted marketing and follow-up of leads by executives due to clear demarcation of leads and objectives.
  5. The Company had the clarity of vision to identify its strengths and weakness and recognize areas which needed further development.
  6. Marketing campaigns could be planned with better focus and the marketing staff were better utilized.
  7. The Company's efficiency improved with a more systematic and professional approach.

Teleduce association for a more professional organization

This Vehicle Insurance company adopted Teleduce to manage, monitor and maximize its leads to increase its revenue. In an effort to enhance its efficiency, it used Teleduce to optimize its customer interactions and initiate brand loyalty.
Teleduce offers an integrated solution to CRM, Lead and Campaign Management and can be customized to suit the client's purpose. Its speedy implementation and quick delivery of service with obvious results renders Teleduce the right companion for an professional organization.

Teleduce - Product suite:

Lead Box

  • Sorting, scoring and classification of leads

List Manager

  • Listing and segregating contacts and policies into lists
  • Using these lists to generate alerts for timely interactions

Computer-Telephony Integration - Connectz

  • Instant response to leads
  • Automated SMS response to not-reachable clients for follow-up

Multi-channel Communication

  • Voice, SMS, Email and Landing page optimization for lead generation or policy renewal


  • Unified dashboard for CRM listing contact and policy profiles


  • Analytics and reporting of leads, executives and campaigns

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