Cloud Telephony

How Call Tracking And Call Recording Can Change Dynamics Of Your Business

Looking for a call tracking and call recording for your business? Learn how you can utilize the both to grow your business.

Stuck Without Your Office Landline? Shift Business Calls To Cloud

Don’t let your business rely on your office landline in this lockdown. Switch to a virtual number with 2 months of FREE subscription.

Call Your Customers Directly From Your CRM

Thinking how you can call your customers directly from your CRM? Here’s a detailed guide on IVR+CRM integration. Now, increase sales revenue and never miss any business opportunities.

15 Benefits With IVR Solutions For Small Businesses

IVR or Interactive voice response offers a wide variety of benefits for your business. This article gives you 15 benefits with IVR solutions for small businesses.

What’s Cloud Telephony with Inbuilt CRM? How Can You Use It?

Give your business an edge by automating business communication through cloud telephony with inbuilt CRM. Manage incoming and outgoing calls with an IVR number.

5 Benefits of Using a CRM With Inbuilt Cloud Telephony

With an efficient CRM, businesses can retain around 89% of their customers. Imagine what a CRM with inbuilt cloud telephony can do for your business?

How to Solve Customer Support Issues With Ticketing System And IVR

Customer support with ticketing system using IVR services significantly boost cost-effectiveness, customer satisfaction and retention. Learn its many uses.

Everything That You Always Wanted to Know About Cloud Telephony

Cloud-based telephony is changing the way businesses communicate with their customers. Get insights into how cloud telephony works and everything related.

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7 Best Practices In Virtual Number Services + Free IVR Basics Guide

Using virtual number services? Try these 7 best practices from the experts at Corefactors now! With Teleduce ivr services, you support multiple channels.

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How Corefactors can Increase Your Sales Through Click to Call

What is Click to Call? Click to call has many other names such as ‘click to dial’, ‘click to talk’, ‘click to chat’ and ‘click to text’. Click to call is a feature for immediate connection of website visitors with the business. The visitor clicks on a button (image, text, or other object in some…