Multi-channel Marketing

5 Tips to Build a Multi-channel Strategy That Drives eCommerce Revenue

Multichannel strategy provides ecommerce business with more leads and increased sales. Read these 5 tips to build an effective multichannel strategy.

How to Get a 1800 Toll-Free Number for Your Business in India

Toll free numbers enables customers to call and interact with a business for free. Find out why and how to get a toll free number for business in India.

7 Marketing Key Performance Indicators That You Should Track

Key performance indicators in marketing are used to measure your company’s performance relative to your goals so you can hone on all the vital metrics.

Facebook Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses in 2020 (9 Tips)

Facebook can be an extremely useful marketing tool for small businesses who are looking for ways to reach customers. Find the most effective Facebook marketing strategy for small business.

Multi-channel Marketing Guide: Challenges, Strategies, and Tools

Want to achieve results with multi-channel marketing? Know more about cross channel marketing, its challenges, strategies, tools, and benefits in this blog.

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Competitions Aren’t Spammy Anymore: A to Z of Contest Marketing

Want to run contest marketing? In this blog, you will understand what and why of content marketing, benefits and so on. Subscribe for weekly updates now!

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Why Marketo is worth $4.75B?

Primarily B2B marketing focuses on the features, usability and value of the product to the organization rather emotional experience which is predominant

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How Landing Pages enable Conversions?

What is a landing page? A landing page is a specific page of a website that Google or Bing Search engines offer as possible answers for search queries. Just like a helicopter needs a helipad to land on ground or sea, a site visitor needs to ‘land’ on a page which offers a value and…