Comparison Reports and Better Content Management

Managing a business is hard work but it doesn’t have to be such a chore with the right integrated platform.

Teleduce gives your business an integrated update with its powerful sales and marketing automation features. This month’s updates are here to help you in managing your business more effectively.

Here are some great updates of this month:

Lead Report

Lead Report

Now you will be able to compare lead reports. You can show the report by lead created/last modified date.

You also have the option of date picker shortcuts such as: “this week”, “last week”, “this month”, “last month” options.

Lead Box Update

The toggle button to switch between normal report and comparison report has been added to Lead Box.

There’s an improvement in fixed table title and table UI. Tooltips and help texts added for better readability.

Journey Update

Journey Update

Now trigger marketing campaigns with a date-based journey. It can be triggered based on the lead date/date-time field value.

For example, you can trigger a Journey for due dates, events, and birthdays.

Content Manager

Content Manager

Create personalized content for your target audience. Send personalized SMS, emails to your prospects, and customers.

Create email content in the content manager for the journey-based campaigns.

Success Box

Success Box

Get an international number in the customer success manager now.

Manage your customer success teams effectively to retain more customers with international numbers that have been enabled now in the CSM.

It’s crucial to manage your business in terms of a customer-centric approach.

With these new updates in Teleduce, you’ll be able to give your prospects and customers a touch of personalization.

Customize content and trigger marketing campaigns based on your business requirements.

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