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Interview with Mr Ujjwal Trivedi, Sr. Product Manager in CouponDunia

Capturing customers through cost-savings

Today’s consumer behaviour revolves on minimizing costs and maximizing the user experience. CouponDunia is India’s most trusted cashback website that has been successful in helping online users to maximize their savings in their online shopping experience.
An interview with Mr. Ujjwal Trivedi, Senior Product Manager at CouponDunia was an eye-opener on the various marketing techniques used by this enterprise and the ideology behind them. Here are some excerpts.

1. What is the main objective of CouponDunia?

As India’s largest discount website, CouponDunia aims at enriching the user experience and cost savings in online shopping by offering the best deals and discounts. We are making e-commerce more interesting, more valuable, easier and faster for users to find the best value for their money. Our mission is to become a household name for “Savings” in India. No one should ever need to pay the full price for a product instead gain value for their money through discount coupons.

2. What are your marketing goals?

Right now, CouponDunia is India’s largest savings and discounts website. We are proud to have over 1900 online merchants and 4000 restaurants from all over India under our wing. We have been able to achieve this by showing noticeable cashback benefits to all customers who transact through our website or use our coupons.
At CouponDunia, our goal right now is to expand our market base, deepen our market penetration and widen our reach to the target audience. To achieve this we must

  • Increase brand awareness amongst the target audience.
  • Create an innovative digital campaign that stands out in the
    competitive market.

We plan to embark on unique Digital Marketing Campaigns targeted at long-term benefits. This will include Multi-Channel Marketing of which YouTube and Email Marketing play a major role.

3. Can you explain in detail about your Long Term Marketing Campaigns and their results?

Sure. As part of our Long Term Marketing Strategy, we intend to launch our ads paired with Google’s ads on YouTube. Our strategy is based on the research we conducted with a target audience to determine the most popular YouTube channels by subscriber and inventory growth.
We created 50 unique, hyper-targeted skippable ads that engaged viewers with humour and were relevant to the YouTube content they were about to watch. Although ads were skippable, we were surprised to find that majority of the users did not skip them owing to their rich humour element and content! Capitalizing this instantly we used cards to enable their visits to our websites through the videos itself!
The results were amazing-

  • A 13% increase in visitors to the website over an eight-week period
  • 32% of viewers watched the entire 30 second ad (nearly double the
    usual rate)
  • An 8% month-on-month rise in revenue

4. Who are your target customers?

We targeted the audience comprising of primarily males aged 18-35 with interests in technology, movies, songs, news, comedy, and politics.

5. Would you like to share some marketing tips with budding marketing managers?

Understand the product first, then the way a consumer would use it. With so many products competing for consumer mind space, a new-age marketing manager should always be data driven, work towards building the brand and in return gain loyalty. Repeat purchases by a single user over a period of time is a good sign of brand loyalty. Never forget your target audience, their tastes, preferences, etc. The audience of the future is getting younger by the day, with electronic means of payments available to even a 14-year-old! Work on targeting millennials, ultimately, they will be the consumers.

6. What is your view on data-driven marketing management?

Marketing campaigns are relying more on data. Campaigns are clearly outlined only on the basis of analytics and leads too are only selected , scored and then converted. For such focused marketing, use the right technology like an efficient Campaign Management software to gain the best results of your marketing campaigns. Manage your leads using a Lead Management software like the one from Corefactors. With the help of integrated marketing communication, convey your brand voice clearly and uniformly across all channels.

7. Do you believe in the power of email marketing?

Email Marketing is by far the most powerful Digital Marketing tool we have used. We have a database of 7.5 million customers who have voluntarily signed up for our newsletters where we give them top cashback deals. A lot of our users sign up for merchant-based offers, Example: a particular user can choose to receive alerts on big deals available on Flipkart today or a weekly newsletter where we provide him/her a comprehensive list of best cashback offers. Lastly, email marketing helps us in educating our audience about the latest deals they are more likely to be interested in.

8. How did you get your first 1000 customers?

Our first 1000 customers were from organic searches. People love to shop and people love to save. We were the first exhaustive resource for helping people find online shopping coupons. Users searching for savings were invariably directed our way by Google.

9. Instant gratification campaigns, your views?

Instant gratification is one of the top engagement features that a customer looks for. Anything that can gratifies users quickly acts as a hook to attract people. One of key constraints in marketing is delayed gratification. Customers complain that their cash back is not instant. They will only get gratification after 3 months.
We are working towards making the entire process transparent. We are not working on simple loyalty points. Real cash transfer to your bank account is what we intend to provide. Cash back is real cash. Transferring it to your Paytm, Amazon, Bank account… is what we want to achieve.

10. What are your Channels used for B2B and B2C marketing?

For B2B, Marketing is mostly inbound. This requires less effort as anyone can become an affiliate. Transaction with partners are simple.
For B2C, prime acquisition comes from SEO, direct traffic, SMM, PPC, display advertising, social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,Instagram), email marketing. Here everything depends on using the right campaign management software like Corefactors.

11. What are your views on Competition in the market?

Users are not loyal these days. There is no brand loyalty or Stickiness. Everything depends on price. Trust factor becomes first preference. Consistent and good user experience is what we need to provide to gain business.
We have seen above the effective use of Multi-Channel Marketing by CouponDunia in carving a niche for themselves. Maximizing results from Marketing Campaigns are possible only with the use of the right Campaign Management software like Teleduce from Corefactors.
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