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Why Do You Need Corefactors Product Teleduce?

There’s a thin line between sales and marketing. Your company relies on both of them.

But they take care of two different parts of your business.

Most companies face the challenge of making these two departments work together in a seamless manner.

That’ll benefit both your customers and your business.

If you are wondering how can you make these two functions integrate into one another, we are glad to inform you that we recently conducted a webinar on May 7th, 2020, with Sharmila Sundaram, CEO of Corefactors about how you can utilize Teleduce, an integrated sales and marketing (ISM) tool in your business.

In the webinar, Sharmila talked about how Teleduce can benefit your business in multiple spheres.

Especially in sales, marketing, and customer support. Your workflow shouldn’t have any overlaps and clashes.

That will make way for a smooth and profitable business.

Here are some of the benefits your business can get by using Corefactors product Teleduce:

  • Automates Sales & Marketing Process

Your sales and marketing funnel should be in coordination in order to make the customers happy and satisfied.

Otherwise, it could be detrimental to the sales process. It basically confuses the customer, leaving them disappointed.

Teleduce automates the sales and marketing processes in the form of email automation, SMS automation, IVR process, etc.

This makes it easier for the departments to focus on other important tasks at hand.

  • Better View Of Your Customer Needs

Your sales department works directly with the customers every day.

They get to discuss the customers’ needs, desires, and what they expect from your product or service.

With the help of Teleduce, you’ll get a better understanding of your customers’ requirements.

You can utilize it to create strategies that reach customers more effectively.

  • Better Lead Management

It’s natural to lose leads when they are all over the place. Each stage of the sales funnel requires deliberate interaction with the leads to pull them to the customer section.

With Teleduce all your leads are arranged according to which stage they are in the Leadbox.

If your sales team doesn’t have the tools to nurture the lead and bring the prospect deeper, they might not be interested in making a purchase. 

  • All Your Teams Would Be On The Same Page

When all your teams work together, they work for a common goal. Teleduce aims to bring sales, marketing, and customer support to be on the same page.

Everyone should work together for the ultimate good of the company.

An integrated CRM will ensure that your customers stay satisfied and your internal teams work together as well.


The webinar concluded with a Q/A session, where Sharmila answered questions about Corefactors product Teleduce.

Integrated CRM to empower marketing, sales, and support teams with inbuilt cloud telephony.

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