Attn #Startups -top #75 Sales Lead Generation Techniques

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Do You Get Headaches Trying To Figure Out Inbound AND Outbound Practices For Maximum Market Advantage?

As product marketers, we understand how much each one of us has to wreck our brains to capture market share. We understand that direct customer engagement is the ultimate goal and yet we forget that our top priorities cannot be enumerated autonomously.
Whether its new skills, new leads, new content, new database or new tool purchase – we have to balance it all. Like our exhaustive checklist that starts below…

Meetups | Conferences | Data Mining | Reciprocal Marketing
Remarketing | Customer Referral | Search Engine Marketing
On Page SEO | Link Building | Blogging
Direct Mail | Print Advertising | Third-party Endorsements
Affiliates |Word-of-mouth | Reviews
Telemarketing | Qualified Lists
Influencers | BNI Chapters – its huge 🙂

and wait there is more …

Nope, we do not have a shortcut to this thought process and yet we can shoulder and jointly help you align your client communications. How? Contact us at Corefactors Now

An amalgam of lead generation tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Taboola, NetSuite, Salesforce, Hubspot, and Datanalyze has definitely helped us directly engage with our leads. However, these tools are heavy on our pockets. SME’s like ours can only depend on them to get the contact details, analytics, and relevant campaigns in line. Customized solutions using such platforms are definitely not within budget plans of #2019. #Teleduce by @_Corefactors conversely, stands out – we are the right sized company for any product promotion plan. Irrespective of the industry, @Teleduce by Corefactors is device-agnostic and therefore positions product pitch efficiently within market regulations. And break is over – back to checklist… #75 #LeadGeneration techniques

Blog Networking | Online PR | Social Media Optimization
Social Media Marketing | Pay Per Click | Trade Journals
Seminars | Webinars | Lobbying | Brochure & Pamphlets
Ebooks | Whitepapers | Dissertations
Email Marketing |SMS Marketing
Thought Papers | E-newsletter
Coupons | Contests | Interviews

75 remember … checklist isn’t over ….

We believe every client’s campaign must be given lead journey priority time and business thought. Writing for the clients takes effort in growing to understand their offerings, values, and their work culture. It should never be what the tool samples in… personalized messages strike better! And yet ‘personalized messages’ is so cumbersome on some tools. Again we do not include Teleduce on that list. Its a perfect score on user intuitive design.

Videos | Vlogs
Podcasts | Push Notifications | Card Decks
Affinity Marketing | Catalogue
Agents | Research Publications
Content Curation | Checklists (Like this one)
Listicles | Franchising Profiles | Magalogs
Microblogs | Microinfluencers
Personal Brand Marketing
Experiential marketing tactics – Call us or search for it
Premium Gifting | Channel Resellers
Sampling | Testimonials
Sponsorship | Viral Marketing
Mobile Apps | Mobile Search Optimization
Voice Search | Geotargeting
sign up forms | Strategy Consulting
Forums | Commentators
Giveaways | Demonstrations

and some more that we use exclusively @Corefactors.

Corefactors on the other hand brings in all the capabilities listed above under one umbrella. Yes, all of these are lead sources remember? they get duly integrated into our Lead Management and Campaign Management. Thereafter, promises to make an integrated effort reaching out with personalized client particulars, documents and specifications. Reply rate, open rate, voice campaigns, even missed call campaigns have helped a lot of our clients across different industry verticals. Find out more campaign markers that we have for our clients here:
We have had our trysts with Tele-calling, Social Media, Influencer Marketing and Content Curation. Experience helps us suggest better tactics to our customers. Read their reviews here: . Clearly as discussed before, they have benefitted from our suggestions and feel safe with our campaign integration within their Sales Lifecycle. Anyway the exhaustive list of techniques is right below – before that you know subscribing on our email list is going to help you in the long run. Our customer support extends way beyond our product sale. Free Trial #Corefactors – Sign up now!
Before you glance at the list below (yes its there..), we wanted to let you know our team has put together sample email templates for each of these marketing strategies – do opt-in here for the free template zipped in for loyalists of Corefactors.
Over the years, while deploying outbound & inbound marketing strategies; our prime responsibility was to position our product in the right perspective. That is when the client understands the need for our product. This is why we at Corefactors felt the need to fill in the gaps through the product marketing cycle and present a checklist of 75 tactics for you to generate business leads.
#Growth Hackers worldwide experimented on most of these before finding their magic product marketing mix. We too have used these and the results speak for themselves. You’re here 🙂
As for those who feel it was easy and it can be replicated by buying a few Domain Authority verified links. Try your luck. Unfortunately, just doing a back-link analysis or competition strategy check-ins will not help you understand our game. Join us on board to know much more… right here.