Why Your Business Needs CRM with Gmail Integration

Whether you’re a startup or it has been years holding your business, you must require a business management tool to manage your key aspects.

Do you know that prospects prefer email over call to communicate with brands?

In fact, 8 out of 10 prospects prefer to talk with sales reps over email.

Gmail is one of the primary email service providers out there and there are at least 1.5 billion Gmail users.

So, how important is a Gmail integration for your business? With a major chunk of interactions happening via

Gmail, it is crucial to have the email software integrated within the CRM.

It is important to know that it works in complete synchronization with the CRM.

Benefits of CRM With Gmail Integration

Benefits of CRM with Gmail Integration

From a business point of view, this might be the most important integration you might need to communicate with your prospects and customers.

But, many CRMs don’t come integrated with your inboxes.

In a situation like this, you might have to buy a separate tool that will help you integrate your Gmail inbox with your CRM.

But having a CRM that comes with inbuilt integration makes your business workflow so much smoother.

Here are some of the major benefits of CRM with Gmail integration:

Manage Conversations Directly

You will be able to manage all the emails from customers and partners quickly and efficiently.

Manage your conversation directly from your CRM.

This gives you an opportunity to better manage your customer and prospect relationships with a consolidated view on all email communications from the CRM itself.

Track Your Emails

Without integration, there’s a possibility of inevitable human error.

Why? Because a salesperson spends 1/3rd of his day just sending out emails and remembering everything.

Just imagine the pressure that’s put on the shoulders of each salesperson.

CRM with Gmail integration ensures that all your email communication is stored in one central database.

You can continue your conversation with your prospect or customer referring to your last email that’s stored safely.

Create Tasks and Follow-ups For Leads

Instead of manually adding tasks from your CRM, your sales reps can do it from their Gmail inbox itself.

Your agents get to have accurate follow-ups without the need for much to and fro.

You’ll never miss a lead with the help of the lead management system that’s integrated with the CRM.

You’ll have a more organized approach to your sales process.

How to Integrate Gmail in Teleduce

Teleduce allows end-to-end synchronization of all the conversations and user information that is useful in sales.

Follow these simple steps to integrate Gmail with Teleduce.

On the Teleduce dashboard, click on the menu and come down to “integration”.

teleduce dashboard

Now, click on the “Email” section.

You’ll see Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo integration. Now, click on send and receive email and click on “Connect”.

Sign in with your Gmail account and allow access.

Note: Teleduce use and transfer to any other app of information received from Google APIs will adhere to Google API Service User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

Please see our service Privacy Policy for detalis on how we keep your information and data safe in your Teleduce account.

Your Gmail account is now connected with Teleduce.

gmail connected

And, if you want to disconnect, click on “configure” and then “disconnect” button.


This integration is not only preferred but also crucial for any business big or small.

It is a multi-functional, inexpensive, and convenient option that comes inbuilt with the CRM.

Switch to Teleduce, an integrated sales, and marketing platform that helps your business to sell and scale faster.

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