How to Choose Right Campaign Management Software for Your Business

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Marketing campaigns are the lifeline of any Corporate enterprise. Companies indulge in a host of inbound and outbound marketing campaigns to establish their identity and boost their revenue. Hosting marketing campaigns is easier said than done as managing them is a tedious task.

What is campaign management software?

A campaign management software is a marketing automation tool used to wield control over the various marketing campaigns launched by the company to yield profitable results. From email marketing to event marketing, all campaigns have to be streamlined and synchronized to deliver uniform results.

What does a campaign management software comprise of?

A campaign management software comprises of
1. Dashboard – This convenient dashboard offers an overall view of the currently running marketing campaigns and their outcomes. It contains a list of the campaigns, their targets, status and measure of their efficiency.
2. Screens – A composite view of the marketing campaigns and social media channels is available as individual screens.
3. Tabulation – A complete tabulation of the campaign results is displayed even including ROI.
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Choosing the right campaign management software

The right campaign management software holds the reins of the marketing campaigns firmly and steers them on the right path to success. So care must be taken to ensure that we choose the right campaign management software and this is how we do it.


Your campaign management software must be accessible and manageable from any part of the world including remote access through mobile and internet. You must be able to activate, pause or modify the campaign at will form any distant location. 24×7 access to your campaign information is the prime function of your campaign management software.


A user-friendly, handy interface is all that a right campaign management software provides. You must be able to operate your campaign management software without difficulty o the need for any complex technical knowledge.


Your campaign management software must be current and up-to-date. It must be compatible with the latest technology. The right campaign management software can handle even the latest digital marketing campaigns in PPC or Google Adwords.


The right campaign management software is fully automated. It operates without human intervention in setting targets, goals, bidding and altering bids and targets.


Your campaign management software must allow easy change of marketing campaign targets and parameters at any time. It should not obstruct the navigation of sites and alteration of keywords, bids, targets or budget at any given time.


A ready set of step-wise instructions should be offered by your campaign management software. This helps even a beginner in your marketing department to learn how to handle this robust campaign management software. This instruction set may be available as a user guide on the dashboard or a separate wizard but it is a must.
This wizard or instruction guide must help you select keywords, fix bids and write ads.


A 24×7 online/offline support must be available to help you solve any hiccups, glitches or ambiguities. Troubleshooting is a major area which you must bear in mind while choosing the right campaign management software.


Your campaign management software must be robust and capable of controlling several campaigns at the same time. Make sure that you choose a campaign management software that has all the technical capabilities in controlling multi-campaign operations with trouble-free functioning.


While running multiple campaigns, it is vital to link and sync one to the other. Seamless integration of various marketing campaigns is a definite requirement from your campaign management software.
For instance, your email campaign may be linked to your SMS or both to your landing page. Such integrations must be done seamlessly without any hitch by your campaign management software.


It is customary to define some criteria for campaign performance. However it is an essential requirement of your campaign management software to initiate alerts through email when there is a deviation or change in performance.


Campaign management is effective only when campaigns are carefully monitored and a complete report is generated. Ensure that your campaign management software generates a thorough report on the performance of your campaigns.


The main objective of your campaign management software to give you a bird’s eye view of all your marketing campaigns. A succinct summary generated by your campaign management software will be a great advantage.
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