How to Curate List for better campaign results

· 1 min read

Traditional list management includes 30% of irrelevant targets, 20% of junk targets(invalid contact formats) and 10% of doesn’t exist contacts. Yes, you read it right, 60% of the list is the main source for the failure of the campaigns.
Collecting lists itself a biggest problem to solve, beyond that, curating them is again technically challenging, logically cumbersome and time intensive tasks. Exceptionally those who are really good in excel tricks can at least filter and prepare a 70% better lists.
I can hear, marketing users need not to be technical experts. Thats true. They need a simple drag and drop sort of solution to handle large data sets, easy to filter records, auto curated records, capability to insert or delete records and to maintain multiple targets over a cloud solution to access anywhere anytime.
If marketers have more insights available in the list, then it is important to target relevant contacts with relevant contents.
I am sure marketers would be happy to see such a tool and if campaign platforms are integrated with those tools, it should be double delight for marketers.
Happy Managing Lists.
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