How to Customize the Lead Fields?

Navigate -> Lead Box -> Last Icon -> Lead Box Configuration

Click on Field Customization as shown in the below image

Click on Add field – To create a new field of your choice

  1. Name – Define the Field Name.
  2. Section – Select the section the field belongs to.
  3. Field Type – Based on the requirement you have, you can define what kind of a field you want to create. Below are the options you can check out –
    • Text Box – You can allow Alpha Numeric text options or you can allow only Numeric with the data length.
    • Drop down – Where you can define your lists for the agents to select one option.
    • Multi Option drop down – You can add your dropdown lists, the agents are allowed to select more than one option.
    • Text Area – The agents are allowed to type the details as much as they need. Here there is no data length defined.
    • Date Picker – If you want a field to have a calendar drop for saving the DOB or any important dates of your leads you can choose the option.
    • Date and Time Picker – You can create a field which allows you to define the date and time as well.
  1. Mandatory Field – You can make the field Mandatory for the agents to fill it.
  2. Mandatory Only When Converting – Helps the agents to fill in the information while the lead is converted.
  3. Read Only – The field here is not editable, once the information is filled buy the agent.
  4. Inline Filter – The option helps you to have a quick filter for the dropdowns.
  5. Field Masking – you can mask the fields which has the sensitive information of the leads
And then Save. The field you have created shall appear in the Lead box.

Explanation Video

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