How to manage leads effectively

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One of the fundamental processes to increase revenue is lead management program. Prospect leads can originate in a variety of ways, and there is often only a very loose structure in place to manage and react to those leads.
Sales pipeline and ability to hit revenue targets all begin with good lead managementFor better sales effectiveness, a company need more granular definition of, when a prospect becomes an actual lead that should be forwarded to sales.
Depending on the products and services, most people are probably not ready to buy based on their first interaction. Best practices call for nurturing your leads over time. You need to develop campaigns that allow you to touch your prospects multiple times so you can move them through the sales cycle until they’re ready to think about actual purchasing.
Maintaining and interacting with the leads is very important.
Traditionally, most of us use excel sheets to maintain the leads and using separate tools to interact.
Teleduce understands these pain points and enabling Lead box with instant task creation. Lead box helps to create lead management and also allows to trigger call, SMS, Email and to create task & notes for particular leads. Able to view the task and notes instantly in dashboard, through which a lead can be monitored effectively, and also to identify the lead which could be converted to sales.
Having a strategic method in place for lead management is vital to the success of any marketing effort, and for ensuring that sales have “qualified leads”. When done correctly, lead management creates more educated buyers, helps to understand the customers need and, ultimately, generates more revenue, faster.
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