How to Re-target the Email Campaign

Navigate -> Marketing -> Email + -> Action -> Re-target Now

It is used to re-targeting the existing campaign audience based on their response like opened, clicked etc.

  • By clicking on the re-target now option, the campaign will be drafted for you to make the necessary changes.
  • The Campaign here helps you to re-target the set of audiences who have shown interest in your Campaign. As shown in the below image.
  • All – To the entire List (audiences) you want to send the campaign to.
  • Clicked – If you have given a CTA as a link in your email, you can retarget the message content to the audience who have clicked on the Link for you.
  • Opened – Teleduce helps you to know the open rates and retarget the campaign to the opened lists only.
  • No-Response – Who have not taken any action on your email, you can re-target them with other interesting content.

And then follow the other steps and trigger the campaign.

Explanation Video

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