How to Retarget in Offline Channels

Wonder, how to retarget in offline channels? As online channels like facebook xchange or google adwords offers retargeting mechanisms, it is hard to achieve retargeting in the offline marketing channels.

Most of the time, in SMS marketing, understanding the interest of the target is a challenge. But we need to thank missed call, inbound sms or unique link based tracking mechanisms which helps to receive the interests.
While receiving interests through multiple offline and online channels, creating engagement thru offline channels is important.
Engagement helps to provide more information as well helps to understand the users interest pattern. Once the interest pattern is identified, now its simple to send retarget campaign based on the interest.
Over a period of time across different campaigns, teleduce has built a pattern which is a best practice now. Following picture illustrates how to drilldown, collect interests, engage and provide more info with in a simple marketing tool.
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