How to Run a Missed Call Marketing Campaign? A Step-by-step Guide

In a missed call marketing campaign, interested customers place a call to a “missed call number” that was placed on various offline and online promotions.

The brand sends an automated SMS or IVR call back to provide information, advertisements, or anything else that activates the brand. This allows the business to increase brand awareness, along with recording data on who responds to their campaigns.

Why Should You Choose Missed Call Marketing?

Missed call marketing is a unique marketing strategy that assists other forms of advertising. It uses a very general practice by letting users reach out at no cost to them.

Here’s why you should consider using missed call marketing:

1) Free For Customers

Free for customers

The beauty of missed call marketing is that it is completely free for the customers. This is why missed calls are one the easiest and effective means of communication.

2) TRAI Compliance

TRAI COmpliance

With missed call marketing, there is no risk of sending SMS to DND users.

3) SMS-Free

SMS Free

There is no dependency on SMS delivery for users, which means cost savings for your business.

4) Real-time Data

Real Time Data

You can Monitor verification activity on your site to ensure maximum conversions.

5) Works On All Phones

Work on all phones

Missed calls can be given from all mobile numbers (not just smartphones) and even land-line numbers which open a wide array of opportunities for you.

6) Online Interface

Online Interface

Real-time data on calls received lets you respond quickly to customer inquiries.

How Do Companies Benefit From Missed Call Campaigns?

Now Let’s have a look at how companies benefit from missed call campaigns.

1) Low Cost

Low Cost

Unlike other marketing measures like Toll-free numbers, wherein businesses are paying hefty rates for the customer’s call even for their hold time, with missed call marketing there is no hold time and you can choose your own low-cost outgoing call service provider to call back the interested prospects.

2) Better Customer Service

Better Customer Service

As soon as the customer places a missed call, they receive an automated SMS or IVR call with detailed information that they are seeking. In fact, a whopping 75 percent of millennials chose to get information over SMS rather than talking.

3) High Quality Leads

High Quality Leads

Missed call marketing draws only interested customers.

Unlike other marketing channels, missed call marketing generates buyer’s interest without being intrusive.

The prospect who places the missed call is already aware of the products which lead to high quality leads for the sales team.

4) No One Is Put On Hold

No put on hold

No one likes being put on hold. Almost 60% of customers will hang up after waiting on hold for one minute. With the missed call campaign, there is no issue of call hold.

Your prospects/customers place a missed call to receive information and your Sales representative can call them back.

If there is a queue, you can even send automated SMS informing your prospects or customers, when can they receive a call.

5) Improved Operational Efficiency

Improved Operational Efficency

By integrating your missed call marketing campaign with IVR services, you can address both operational efficiency and customer experience.

You can remove the wait time issue completely by providing your customers, the information they seek via IVR calls.

6) CRM


Companies that use a lead management system CRM, the average return on their technology investment is $8.71 for each dollar spent.

So, it is important that you integrate your missed call marketing campaign with a CRM.

Teleduce makes it possible by providing simple integration and provides real-time reports of all miss-calls which you can anywhere, anytime.

7) No Usage Limit

No Usage limit

There is no limit to the usage of missed call alert service in a day. You can use it as per your requirement. This will also allow you to manage every call of your business.

With missed call alert services, you will never miss any call or query since your agents are busy, thus improving their productivity.

How Missed Call Campaign Works

Here are the steps that you need to follow to start a missed call campaign for your business:

Step 1 – Connecting With A Missed Call Service Provider


Connect with a cloud-based missed call service provider like Corefactors.

Step 2 – Choosing 10-digit Number

Choose your 10-digit number which will be your brand’s missed call number.

Step 3 – Connecting With Virtual Phone Number

As per your requirement you can get multiple missed call numbers. You can even choose to use Virtual phone number as your missed call numbers.

Step 4 – Promoting Missed Call Number

After owning a number, use your missed call number in various promotions both online or offline.

Now let’s see how does a missed call number work:

  • Interested prospects call on the missed call number or the assigned virtual phone numbers used in the marketing campaign.
  • The call gets disconnected after one ring and the caller details is added on the system dashboard in real-time.
  • The system sends an acknowledgment SMS or an IVR caller with a Thank you message or relevant campaign details to the caller upon receiving a call.
  • You will get real-time missed call notification on your registered email address.
  • The caller details can be saved directly to your lead management system CRM or it can be sent to a spreadsheet.
  • Your Sales representative can callback to prospect’s contact number and take the conversation further.

Bonus: If you are using Microsoft Excel to input and organize various sets of information, then check out these excel sheet tips and tricks.

How Can You Promote Missed Call Service?

1) Traditional Marketing Campaigns

Traditional Marketing Campaigns

You can publish missed call numbers with any traditional media campaign like print, TV, radio etc. Interested users will directly respond by giving a missed call to the published number.

2) Online Marketing Campaigns

Online Marketing Campaigns

Use missed call numbers effectively as call to action (CTA) buttons on your website, landing pages, email marketing campaign etc.

Email marketing is one of the most widely used digital marketing strategies that help you to connect your customers in a seamless fashion.

So, before integrating it with missed call marketing, check out our complete guide on best email marketing practices.

3) Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms

Social media marketing is affordable and campaigns can be set for any sized budget.

So, you should definitely use missed call numbers as CTA on your professional social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

How Can You Use Missed Call Service For Business?

1) Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Include a missed call number in all your marketing campaigns, brochures, flyers etc., and increase responses substantially.

When interested prospects place a missed call, send back automated replies for profiling or product-specific details.

Missed call marketing allows you to handle peak load traffic over a distributed period of time, thereby saving your sales capacity.

Integrate it with lead management system CRM software for lead tracking and follow up notes.

2) Customer Support

Customer Support

Manage customer support requests and reduce handling time for customers.

Use missed call numbers on your website, cards, brochures, etc asking your customers to just place a missed call for support.

Once the call is placed, your sales representative can reach them once they are available. There’s no hold time, no hang-ups, only great customer experience.

3) Mobile Number Verification

Mobile Number Verification

Missed call verification services can be used to verify customer mobile numbers.

With missed calls as a verification platform, the users can be on any telecom network, anywhere in the world and can still use it free of cost.

It works with a landline as well as international numbers too where SMS verification won’t work.

4) Coupon Delivery

Coupon Delivery

Deliver special offers and coupon codes through your SMS response.

Paper coupons rely solely on human intervention and hence the method is susceptible to error.

With missed call marketing, simply place a missed call number on flyers or booklets.

Customers who wish to avail of a deal need to simply give a missed call which auto-disconnects to the printed number and receives a coupon code via the response SMS.

To redeem the coupons they can visit the store or eCommerce website.

5) Pledge Campaign

Pledge Campaign

Create viral pledge campaigns with a simple missed call response. All you have to do is promote your campaign along with the missed call number via social media, PR etc.

Users are encouraged to give a missed call the specific given number on the marketing campaign to pledge or register their support.

To help campaigns go viral, you can even send automated SMS encouraging users to refer the campaign to their friends.

6) Feedback


Missed call services make getting feedback extremely simple by integrating it with SMS marketing.

The user is sent an SMS asking to give a missed call on one of the numbers mentioned in the SMS corresponding to the satisfaction level of the service.

The system is free of charge for the users and easy to use as it is as simple as dialing numbers.

7) Survey


Conducting surveys, especially in rural areas can be extremely challenging. Reaching out with bulky paper forms and processing those forms is also very costly.

With missed call service, you can announce the survey question, along with the missed call numbers to respond, on radio, TV or during the roadshow.

You can then check the results of the survey in real-time with the reporting and analysis tools.

How To Start a Missed Call Campaign?

Missed call marketing is the easiest and cost-effective way to advertise your business products and services.

You can simply start your missed call campaign in a few minutes by signing up with an integrated sales and marketing platform like Teleduce.

This cloud-based platform helps brands to connect with end-users over a missed call.

Just choose the missed call number, add automated SMS reply or IVR call details ( optional ) and publish this number with any media or online campaign.

Make your work process more advanced and technology-driven with Teleduce!

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