How to Send voice+ Campaign

Teleduce has 4 simple guided steps for you to run your voice Campaign.

Step 1: Campaign Info         

  • Campaign name is for identifying a file particularly later when you want to access.
  • Campaign Description helps you to define your detailed idea about your campaign.
  • Sender ID – Choose the virtual number which is assigned for your account .

Step 2: Contacts – List out or Select the targets to which you are sending a campaign. We have four options for you to select your contacts: 

  • Manual – Paste or Type your contacts.
  • File Upload – Choose the list which you would have uploaded using List Management.
  • Groups – Choose the contacts from your Address Book.
  • Targets – Choose the segmented targets that you would have already done.

Step 3: Choose your content.

Select the content type that is select voice which is already in the system. Select the voice from the drop down list.

Step 4: Send voice

  • This is the final step to send the voice.
  • We can also schedule for the voice+ campaign.

By clicking on GO to send the voice to the campaign.

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