How to use Tags in Email Campaigns?

Navigate -> Marketing -> Email + -> Campaign report -> New Campaign

Complete the first 4 steps of the Email Campaign.

More Tag : Click on the More tags option you get the following information. Tags (Mention the tags in the source, Don’t mention in content page)

  1. Essential tags:
    • [webversion Link] – To view the HTML template.
    • [unsubscribe link] – To unsubscribe the mail.
  2. Personalization tags:
    • [Email] – Will provide subscriber Email ID.
    • [currentdaynumber] – Will provide a two-digit day of the month.
    • [currentday] – Will provide a full textual representation of the day. (eg. Monday)
    • [currentmonthnumber] – Will provide two-digit representation of the month. (eg. 02)
    • [currentmonth] –Will provide a full month name. (eg. March)
    • [currentyear] – Will provide a four-digit representation of the year. (eg. 1994)
  3. Custom field tags:
    • [Name_fallback=] – Will provide the name of your customer which you mentioned in the list and fallback.
    • [Mobile_number, fallbacks=] – Will provide the Mobile-number of your customer which you mentioned in the list and fallback.

Below image gives you the idea which fall back is available under which header and Tag.

Explanation Video

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