Importance of Tracking in Marketing

· 1 min read

Targeting customers on the move is an integral part of any marketing technique thus making SMS marketing a sheer necessity for effective multichannel marketing.
There is a lingering belief that mobile marketing attracts higher investment in the form of application development, does not facilitate targeted communication, and is not very dependable for ROI analytics.
However, the truth being entirely different Mobile communication can be as easy as sending personalized, targeted text message. It is extremely viable for tracking ROI that counts. Starting from identifying customers, engaging them via text messages, and tracking delivery rates are all practicable.
Judicious usage of these analytics can boost further targeted campaigns and can facilitate better understanding of the database. This results in saving funds and improved ROI as it acts as a filter to derive the target audience by profiling and segmenting. SMS permits in targeting those relevant customers via email or other channels.
SMS can be a useful method for following up if synced with other medium such as email, social media. It can remind a customer to read an email sent by a company or brand hours or days before or after it has been sent. Therefore, in spite of being an effective technique in itself, it even helps in tracking and updating other medium of marketing as well.
Few basic tools that would be required to track SMS marketing would be:
1.Teleduce – marketing platform
3.Tracking script embedded in website.
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