Multi Channel Marketing

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Multi-channel marketing is the new aged marketing techniques that is used by organizations and companies to come out all gun blazing and target their customers in various ways than just be constrained to one.
It is the practice of interacting with the target audience using a combination of indirect and direct communication channels. Multichannel marketing is all about the liberty of choice making.
There are several advantages associated to multichannel marketing

  • A better analysis of the market: With the usage of multiple marketing channels, the reach to audience increases considerably. Corefactors provides a unified platform and engages multiple channels. It brings all the conversation into one place and makes the most of your interaction.
  • A higher ROI and engagement is expected from this medium of marketing as the usage of diverse platform increases the circumference of reaching out to the people.
  • This marketing technique helps in better understanding of the customers as varied responses are available from multiple sources, it is easier to analyze the expectation of the target audience from the product.
  • Tracking communication across varying channels helps is identifying
  • Multichannel marketing has a lot more attributes such as targeted messaging, highly customized campaigns.
  • Marketing response analysis is another edge that multichannel marketing possesses over the traditional means and is becoming increasingly important as the need to know which channels, campaigns, or sequence of touch points contribute to qualified conversion and sales.

Therefore Corefactors offers a wide range of marketing techniques which includes but is not limited to, SMS+, Email +, Voice+, Mobile Application Marketing, Missed Call Marketing etc this assists the customers to arrive to a faster and better understanding.
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