Other updates - Lead Location, Internation Leads

· 1 min read

Our other updates section consists of minute but yet effective features added as part of our continuous product enhancement program.

These are small changes to improve our user experience.

Save Geolocation of your leads

Many times our users needed to save the location of leads in the application. E.g. office address, client locations, etc.

So we decided to bring this very handy feature of adding a lead location in the lead box itself. It saves geolocation of office/business address of your leads in the map view.

Saving the geolocation of lead can help in easy navigation to address, distance calculation, better traffic planning before your agents step out to meet their leads.

Note: As explained above, this is the location of lead (home, office, etc), not of salesperson/agent.

International Lead Capturing

This brand new feature ensures that you do not miss out any potential lead, no matter where they are from.

Now you can capture international leads from various sources like Facebook, Justdial, Sulekha, etc. using Teleduce lead API generation.

A small feature addition with potential to scale your business outside India.

Duplicate Feature in Content Manager

Duplicate Feature in Content Manager

Save your time by duplicating an already existing template in Content Manager.

It’s easy to use, time-saving, and requires less manual effort.