Kenny Talks on Scaling Small Business at Corefactors Webinar

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Kenny Talks on Scaling Small Business at Corefactors Webinar

Scaling your small business is no easy feat. It is nothing less than an art especially when you are building your business from scratch.

Corefactors recently organized a webinar on ‘How to Scale Your Business’ with Kenny Schumacher on December 19, 2019.

Kenny runs the CA-based design agency Delesign which offers flat rate unlimited custom design service. Vimal Murali, co-founder of Corefactors also spoke on how small businesses can use CRM to scale.

During the webinar, Kenny shared useful insights on how important it is to delegate tasks and focus on one speciality. With two hours of monthly commitment, Kenny was able to take the monthly recurring revenue of his business from $5K to $20K.

While talking about building a scalable business, Kenny emphasized on not relying on a single individual.

He also advised that offerings that are not scalable should be cut out. This will help you to focus on the business area that can provide you with the most value.

Kenny also talked about the problems that he faced while scaling his business.

He focused on the fact that business owners should never sacrifice long term success because of short term convenience.

He also shared that a scalable business not dependent on one single individual is easy to sell as well.

During his interaction with the participants, Vimal focused on the importance of using a CRM.

He presented a case study on how Teleduce CRM has helped Golden Square to manage as well as monitor sales activities and grow revenue.

Towards the end of the webinar, Kenny gladly answered the questions asked by the participants.