SMS Content Template Registration on DLT Platform

SMS Template Registration – As per TRAI Rules and Regulation, the Next step in DLT process is to register every SMS Content template in the DLT Portal.

SMS will be delivered only if the content Template is approved on the DLT Portal.

We at Corefactors thought of simplifying the whole process for better understanding and faster completion of the process. Content template creation guidelines, to facilitate and secure your SMS delivery.

If you have already registered in any of the Operators, then you can log in with the credentials and register the SMS Template (Content) in the portal.

If you are a new entity and registering for the first time, then learn more about DLT Registration.

Content Template Creation Guidelines


Any message that contain OTP and requires to complete a banking transaction initiated by a bank or financial institution will only be considered as transactional messages. This is applicable to all banks (national/scheduled/private/Govt or MNCs).


OTP message required for completing a net-banking transaction.

OTP message required for completing credit/debit card transaction at a merchant location.

Every Content Template that is being registered by a Principal Entity should contain ‘Brand Name(s)’ (Complete business name/brand name/trademark) in the content field.

Examples for templates:

Actual MessageRequired Template Format
Hi, in order to best serve you and others, could you click on to share your meeting experience with Motilal Oswal RM Raju Saha on 22Hi, in order to best serve you and others, could you click on {#var#} to share your meeting experience with Motilal Oswal {#var#}


Any message (sent to non-customers) with an intention to promote or sell a product, goods, or service.

Service content mixed with promotional content is also treated as promotional.

These messages will be sent to customers after performing the preferences and consent scrubbing function. Consent overrides preferences.

Note: Additionally, the customer consent template can be linked while creating a service explicit content template.

Every Content Template that is being registered by a Principal Entity should contain ‘Brand Name(s)’ (Complete business name/brand name/trademark) in the content field.

Examples for templates:

Actual MessageRequired Template Format
Pay JUST Rs 640* pm & get Rs 83,333 for 120 months or pay out of Rs 1,00,00,000 With LIC*(Life Insurance Cover) For Your Family. YOU can win Rs 20,000 in Fantasy cricket use code 542321. Install Qureka Pro app now to WIN Click – http://www.comPay JUST Rs {#var#} pm & get Rs {#var#} for {#var#} months or pay out of Rs {#var#} With LIC (Life Insurance Cover) For Your Family. {#var#} YOU can win Rs {#var#} in Fantasy cricket use code {#var#}. Install Qureka Pro app now to WIN Click – {#var#}

Content Template Valuations

  • 2 or more spaces are not supposed to use between 2 words, before word or afterword.
  • All special characters (found on the keyboard) are allowed, except < and > symbols.
  • The variable format is {#var#} which is case sensitive.
  • Or variable can be inserted by clicking the radio button (insert variable) above the text box
  • Trans/Service category messages should have a variable mandatorily.
  • Promo category can have complete fixed content or with a variable part
  • There is no limitation in no. of variables per message.
  • Values like amount, date, a/c no, merchant names, OTP, codes, URL, customer names, card type, etc. need to be replaced with variables.
  • In case trying to upload the same template, the portal would show an error as “Template Message already registered (Template Name – ****)”
  • A single SMS has a character limit of 160 characters. If your message exceeds the limit, an alert is shown on the screen allowing you to continue typing the message beyond the character limit. This message will count for 2 or more SMS
  • Each variable can consist of up to 30 characters.

Dos and Don’ts for Content Templates

Use promotional category for communications intended to send from numerical sender id only.Same content template against multiple headers.
Transactional category to be used by banking enterprises only & for OTP messages during fund transfer; online payment; merchant txn only.Header selection against irrelevant templates
Service – explicit category needs to link consent template as well, without which the template gets rejected.Selecting “Transactional” category by non-banking enterprises.
Choose a relevant/recognizable name for templates.No or invalid variable format in templates.
Use message type as “TEXT” for all general messages & “Unicode” for regional messages.Using double spaces in templates (this can be pre-checked by verifying the template on notepad++ before template submission)
Variable {#var#} insertion to be required against values like date; amount; a/c no; OTP; names; etc.Templates with less than 10 char or variable insertion alone as template using multiple templates (eg: Dear customer {#var#}{#var#}{#var#}.)
Always use notepad or notepad ++ to create a template, to avoid additional spaces and invalid characters.Do not use external fonts or characters other than those that appear on the keyboard, prise, like the example mentioned explaining the brand name field.
Min fixed char required in templates is 10 char (applicable in pure OTP messages only)
Linking of consent templates for content template categories “promotional” & “service – explicit” is optional (not mandatory)

Content Registration Steps

  1. Click on Template and then click on the new template icon.
  2. Fill in the Template Name preferably based on your Business requirement.
  3. Then, you shall be allowed to select the communication type select SMS.
  4. Once you have selected the SMS, you would be able to register the template based on the Content type. Content type includes your Promotional and Transactional type. Refer the above guidelines to find out your type of content.
  5. Content Type – this is for the Language preference, any language other than English is considered as Unicode. Select the option you want.
  6. In the next step, you can either copy/paste the content or you can type the content directly.
  7. Verify with the OTP and submit the template for Approval.

Important Information

  1. Template Approval takes 5 – 7 working days. Adnaks / Corefactors does not commit the Approval of the contents. Adnaks does not hold the responsibility for any rejection and approval of the template.
  2. Adnaks is not liable for the Templates sent without Approval from the DLT portal.
  3. If you send any messages without Approval, the message status shall be delivered, but it would have not been reached to the end-user. 
  4. Sending Manual Messages from Teleduce platform is restricted. Here are a few places where you can find the restrictions –

a) Quick SMS – From the Teleduce panel, you find the Quick SMS option to send out small information to the customers. However, these are disabled as of now as manually you cannot send out any SMS without the approval of the content from TRAI.

Quick SMS

b) Bulk SMS, API’s, Landing Pages – We at Adnaks have removed the manual typing of the SMS content in the Teleduce Platform. You need to upload the content in TRAI for approval and re-upload the approved content in the Teleduce Content Manager and select the content before sending out the SMS’s to your Customers.

bulk sms

c) Marketing, Sales Box, Support Box, and Success Box – Having the Personalized Individual content for the customers via multiple places like Sales, Support, and Success boxes are disabled.

sms for marketing or sales or support

d) Reply SMS in all features – Auto Responders to the Leads, Calls, and Sales and marketing automation SMS are also disabled.

auto reply sms

Adnaks Marketing Solutions Private Limited or is as referred to as its Brand Name “Corefactors” follows the Telecom regulations and the process is Mandate as per TRAI and is subject to change.


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