5 Marketing Tools That Every Insurance Agent Should Have

Customer relations is the lifeline of the insurance industry. Here are the insurance agent marketing tools which you must leverage.

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5 Important Marketing Technologies That Every Company Should Have

Read these 5 indispensable marketing technologies that every company must have. Learn more about tools in like analytics, email marketing and mobile marketing.

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Why Should Companies Focus on Multi-Channel Marketing ?

What is Multi channel Marketing? As the name suggests, multichannel marketing is about communicating with customers through various channels – email, voice calling, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, SMS / WhatsApp, and so on. The idea is to use multiple channels to reach out to the customer with the aim of generating leads and earning revenue….

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How Corefactors can Increase Your Sales Through Click to Call

What is Click to Call? Click to call has many other names such as ‘click to dial’, ‘click to talk’, ‘click to chat’ and ‘click to text’. Click to call is a feature for immediate connection of website visitors with the business. The visitor clicks on a button (image, text, or other object in some…

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How Landing Pages enable Conversions?

What is a landing page? A landing page is a specific page of a website that Google or Bing Search engines offer as possible answers for search queries. Just like a helicopter needs a helipad to land on ground or sea, a site visitor needs to ‘land’ on a page which offers a value and…

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How to create a marketing strategy

Marketing strategy is a process which helps to understand your target audience, analyse the market and competition, create a brand identity with USP and finally execute a marketing plan with a budget to increase your brand awareness and sales. Understanding Target Audience It is critical for every business to understand their target audience, what they…

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Why Lead Management

Lead Management is a series of marketing efforts right from capturing the leads, profiling them based on their attributes and actions, nurturing them with relevant contents at right time, allocating the lead to right sales person and finally converting them as customers through sales efforts. Lead Management as a process can be broken to the…

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Marketing Communication Productivity

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell. – Seth Godin Challenges in Marketing Communication Marketing teams worldwide face the challenge of communicating to the right audience at right times with the right stories (content). Once the marketing content is created, managing the marketing campaigns across different…

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Growth Hacking for SME

A growth hacker is a person whose true north is growth – Sean Ellis Growth hacking Growth Hacking is a set of processes to attain business growth in terms of customers / revenue / usage in a short span of time preferably with little effort and cost. Unlike traditional Marketing, Growth hacking focus on all…

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SME Guide – How to setup Marketing – Offline Channels to Online Channels

This is part 3 of our series called SME Guide. In part 1, we saw how Raj faced challenges in managing CRM data in spreadsheets and how he could potentially solve them using right CRM software. In part 2, we saw how Raj faced challenges in multi channel marketing and how he could potential resolve…