SMS Marketing

How to track a SMS+ campaign using Missed call and Long code number?

Learn how to track your SMS Campaign using Missed call Number and Long Code Number.

How to Track your campaign in Google Analytics?

Enable Google Analytics in your SMS campaign for better acquisition and analytics.

How are Credits are Calculated in SMS?

SMS Campaigns are credits based and are categorized based on the Languages you select. This page gives you calculation on how many characters your content should contain

How to Export the SMS campaign?

Find out the simple ways to export the SMS Campaign with a short video to go with.

How to Filter the SMS Campaign?

In this post learn about how to create different and combination filters. These filter can be saved and are used as Quick filter and can be exported any time you need.

How to read and understand SMS+ Campaign report?

A Campaign is always incomplete without the reports. Lets see how we get the reports and how they are interpreted.

How to understand SMS Credit Report?

Credits reports provides you the information on the Credits you have purchased and the available Credits in your Account.

How to do SMS campaign for specific Target audience?

SMS Campaign allows you to Create the Targets to run the campaign for a specific set of audience.

What is DLT Registration? Why It Is Required For SMS Service In India?

According to TRAI regulation, DLT registration is now compulsory to utilize the messaging service. Learn what is DLT and why is it important for SMS services.

How to Run a SMS Marketing Campaign? (Ideas + Examples + Guidelines)

SMS Marketing campaign is used to send offers, discounts, reminders, latest information, etc. Find tips, ideas, guidelines and examples in this guide.