Feedback Rating on Agent's calling performance

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Feedback Rating on Agent's calling performance

Tele calling activities to prospect/customer is integral part for any growing organization.

Every company wants to know know how their agents performed during the call. And whether prospects or customers were happy by talking to your agents.

These are hard to know, unless you go through each and every recordings.

To solve this problem and save you a lot of time, we have brought capturing call feedback rating from the customer for Teleduce outbound calls.

This is how you can measure CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) rating or feedback rating on your agents’ tele-calling performance.

  • Customers can press numbers (1-5) at the end of a call based on his experience.
  • Total numbers accumulated by agents and average CSAT scores will be shown against each agent.
  • Review your agent’s performance and make insightful decisions.

Let us know what you feel about this exciting feature.