Teleduce Automated Referral Marketing Solution

Restaurant is most familiar industry to all category of people. To make their business or their products reach people they should use a different strategy to reach the consumer.
Recently we created for a restaurant automated referral marketing system solution. This system will automatically reach new customers as well the referred customers.
A restaurant can use this to externally call the customer, with the recorded voice says greeting message for his visit, followed by the message on offer coupon for his next visit.
To get their coupon he should recommended one of his/her friend by entering their mobile number. After entering the number they will receive the offer coupon via SMS to their mobile.
After the call is disconnected a new call is been connected to the number, which customer entered saying his/her friend had recommended to visit the restaurant followed by instruction to him of asking him to press 1 to get the offer coupon for his visit to restaurant as his/her friend recommended to visit and try the same.
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