How to Improve Your Telemarketing Efficiency With Teleduce & Exotel?

What can you do to beat your competitors? Is building a unique strategy enough? You also need to make your strategy feasible, efficient and cost-effective. This can be done with automation by using CRM. It will help keep your team on the same page and make your business processes even more transparent.

Even today, Business phone calls are an integral part of your business strategy. It works extremely well as a tool for getting in touch with existing and potential customers, marketing effectively, and to grow your business. These stats prove it.

  • 70% of B2B sales comes from human interaction, 56% of which started with telemarketing.
  • B2B telesales calls at work were voted as the least annoying form of advertising.
  • In fortune 500 companies, 60% of marketing managers say telemarketing is “Very Effective” for leads and customer outreach. The percentage for “Effective” is almost over 90%.

To automate your business phone system, you can use Cloud telephony system. By using an integrated sales and marketing CRM like Teleduce which offers cloud telephony services or even use a telemarketing service provider like Exotel, you can eliminate the need for physical handling of business calls.

For example, for follow-up calls, the call-history must be easily available which can be easily accessed via a CRM. To make the most of both, telemarketing from Exotel and CRM software Teleduce, you can make use of Exotel API integration.

In this blog, you will get to know what IVR and Telemarketing is and how businesses can ensure success from it. You will also find out why it is important for you to do Exotel API Integration with integrated sales and marketing CRM like Teleduce.

What is IVR?

With Interactive voice response technology, a computer interacts with your prospects and customers through voice and DTMF tones using a keypad. IVR system can interact with both your inbound and outbound callers. IVR system along with a CRM can gather information, route calls and provide better customer service.

How Can You Use IVR Services?

IVR for Self Service: IVR system can recognize & segment callers, and answer their queries without transferring the call to a live agent. If the system is unable to find the information the caller requests, it automatically transfers the call to the agents. Self-service IVR helps callers by providing them information immediately and allows a business to manage high call volumes at a lower cost.

IVR For Telemarketing: Deliver consistent customer service and optimise the cost of operation by using IVR for handling both inbound and outbound calls. Your agents can use pre-recorded phrases to initiate a dialogue with the customer. With cloud-based IVR systems, responses can also be gathered via spoken words with voice recognition, instead of just using the touch-tone telephone keypad.

If you haven’t explored the best practices of IVR services already, here is a free IVR Basics Guide to help you get started.

How Can Businesses Ensure Success Through Telemarketing?

When you increase the efficiency of your call centre agents, you can dramatically improve the results of your telemarketing efforts. Here are a few simple things that you can do to significantly improve your effectiveness through telemarketing.

Sell Yourself First: Your prospects won’t buy your products or services until they buy you. This is why you and your calling agents should become skilled at building relationships and rapport first. You need to be engaging by asking good and meaningful questions.

Stop Pitching and Start Asking: If your opening gambit is a sales pitch, then it's unlikely that you will achieve the results you want. The key here is to talk less and listen more. You can use a blend of open and closed questions to engage with the prospects. The best way will be to ensure that the mix of talking and listening is at least 50:50. This means you should try asking such good questions that your prospect feels obliged to answer and provide the information you want.

Telemarketing with IVR services: With outbound IVR services telemarketing, you can improve customer relationships. Along with enhancing sales of existing customers, it can also help you build strong customer relationships. It further reduces the cost and time of your agents because it automatically takes basic information like name, email and other details from the system database.

Another important fact is 31% of customers say they are frustrated because of having to repeat or provide their data multiple times. With Teleduce along with Exotel IVR API integration, IVR can be used for skills-based routing technology and information recording. This will drastically help to reduce call transfers.

Call Prioritization: High profile customers or leads with high sales score are very important for your business. They greatly affect both the reputation and productivity of your business. With IVR telemarketing system, you can use call priority option and route them directly to the most suitable agent. This way all your important customers and prospects will never have to wait in queue for a long time.

What is Exotel?

Exotel is a cloud telephony platform that offers features like Smart IVR for you Business. This platform is cross-linkable with other cloud-based applications such as CRM, ERP, CMS etc. With exotel API integrations, companies can build their own communication flow.

Why Should You Do Exotel API Integration With Teleduce?

Your telemarketing software for small business should not only provide the ease of telecalling but should also be integrated with a CRM. Your integrated sales and marketing CRM functionality is a much-needed feature in enhancing the value of telemarketing. Let's have a look at why you should integrate Exotel with teleduce.

Managing Remote Operations: With a cloud-based integrated sales and marketing CRM like Teleduce, you can manage your calling operations from anywhere in the world using your Exotel credits. Your telemarketing personnel can handle calls, assign leads, and add notes to follow up from anywhere with Teleduce. By using SMS and email marketing capabilities, you can also send your prospects information via email or SMS.

Standardize Your Process: After gathering data from the initial calls, you can implement a step-by-step process with the help of Teleduce. This procedure can be as simple as making calls, collecting data and following up.

Smooth Sales Process: After making calls with Exotel, you can create a systematic sales pipeline for interested leads and pass them to the sales team. You can also set up reminders to manage your deadlines for making calls, qualifying leads, following up or any other tasks. By using a CRM like Teleduce along with telephony from Exotel, you can monitor your efforts at every step with reporting and identify areas of improvement.

How to Do Teleduce & Exotel API Integration?

Interested in learning how you could integrate Teleduce with Exotel? Here are the steps that you need to follow:

Step 1: Visit the Dashboard and Click on the Integration Button

Visit with your internet browser. Once you log in, you can see the Dashboard. Select Menu, under which you will be able to see the ‘Integrations’ button at the bottom.

Step 2: Selecting Telephony from Third Party Integrations Page

Once you click on the ‘Integrations’ button, you will land on the ‘Third Party Integrations’ page. Now choose Telephony from the horizontal menu. Once you click Telephony, you will find 'Select Integration' with a dropdown.

In this dropdown, you can find options like Knowlarity, Solution Infini, MyOperator along with Exotel. Choose 'Exotel' as your option. You will find an Exotel logo along with a Connect Button. Click on this button.

Once you click on this, you will be getting a screen like the one given below:

Step 3: Complete Exotel API Integration

Upon clicking the button, you will find a pop-up which asks for Exotel API Key and Token. Now enter the API key and token provided from the Exotel. Click Save and you have now successfully integrated Exotel with Teleduce.

Use Teleduce- an Integrated Sales, Marketing and Communication Software

One of the best telemarketing service providers in India, Corefactors offers Teleduce which is a feature-rich leading call centre solution with an in-built CRM. If you are already using Exotel for telemarketing, use your credits effectively by integrating via Exotel API.

You can also choose Teleduce's telephony features and boost your agents’ call productivity and increase business efficiency effortlessly. What's more, this system combines the telephony functionality with fully-fledged email marketing campaigns automation which is ideal for lead generation. This flexible software system is extremely easy to use and you can do almost all configurations without the need for technical knowledge.

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