Teleduce Send SMS

Teleduce Send SMS


URL format,,



usernameSpecify the account name.Stores valid user name to access HTTP API service
passwordPassword attached to username.Stores valid password to access HTTP API service
SMS textStores the actual message text to be delivered on the mobile phone of user
0 or 1 or 2 or 3 0 – SMS Transactional1 – SMS Transcrub2 – SMS Promotional3 – SMS Transactional OTP 
Sender IDStores send id of message sender
,,Phone numbers of the receivers.

Response Codes

S.NoCodeCode Description
010User name should not be empty
120Password should not be empty
230SMS Type should not be empty
340SMS type should be 0 or 1 or 2
450Category should be mentioned as 1 or None
560Specify valid mobile number
670Authorization failed – User name is not valid
780Authorization failed – password is not valid
890Authorization failed – User is not active
9100Authorization failed – customer user assignment is not active
10110Credits Error
11120SMS should not be empty text
12130Credits are less
13140SMS route is not specify with our system
14150SMS route is not active mode
15160Your account does not have enough credits to send sms
16170Trigger mobile numbers count exceeded. Kindly trigger sms 100 numbers only


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