How To Delight Your Customers With An Integrated Platform?

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How To Delight Your Customers With An Integrated Platform?

Satisfying a customer can be extremely tricky. Every customer has it’s own metrics to judge a business. And unless you know exactly what they want you can’t cater to their needs.

Bad customer experience is the leading cause of customer churn. Understanding customer needs and tailoring products and services accordingly is crucial.

You might have considered a lot of professional tools to make your business workflow easier but do you know that an integrated platform can make a huge difference to your business?

Especially in a time of crisis, how would you set your strategy to delight your customers? What are your challenges?

Are you missing incoming support calls? Do you keep a count on the number of support calls or emails you receive per day? Is your strategy causing discomfort to the end-user?

It’s time you consider an integrated platform to implement in your business strategy to avoid customer churn and satisfy them in a timely manner.

Benefits Of An Integrated System

  • Integrated call-center facility with cloud telephony.
  • Converting emails to tickets automatically.
  • Automate the ticket assignment process.
  • Define SLA based on the nature of the issue.
  • Timely follow up and resolve faster.
  • Track team productivity & performance and retain more customers.

Multi-channel Follow Up For Customer Satisfaction

  • Follow-up with your customers at regular intervals.
  • Coordinate with your clients over multiple channels.
  • Get live notifications to clients about status updates.
  • Resolve customer complaints faster.
  • Run an automated CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) survey.

Keeping all these in mind, we had conducted an exclusive webinar with Mrs. Sharmila Sundaram, CEO, Corefactors where she gave an insight on how to leverage an integrated platform to delight your customers.

It was an interactive session and she had a proactive approach to all the questions which came her way.

The Webinar gave insights into:

  • Current challenges in supporting the customers.
  • 5 Benefits of using a ticketing system.
  • Leverage an integrated tool.
  • Metrics that you need to measure.
  • Resolve Faster and become a master.

The webinar also urged the participants to measure the outcomes that their strategy could bring, such as:

  1. Support workload.
  2. Productivity.
  3. Performance.
  4. Improvisation and customer satisfaction

Why Choose Corefactors Integrated Platform For Your Customer Support?

  • Ticket creation over calls and emails automatically.
  • Notify the support team agents via SMS/Email/Push notifications once a new ticket is received.
  • Support or service team can follow up with customers with inbuilt SMS, Email, calls, and WhatsApp.
  • Customize the entire support box. Define SLA.
  • Live update on ticket status to clients over SMS/emails.
  • Get detailed and customized insights.
  • Resolve Faster and retain more customers.

If you have missed the webinar with Mrs. Sharmila Sundaram, you can listen to the recording and get more information about the topic.

Now, you can improve your customer experience and get 100% customer satisfaction with an integrated platform like Teleduce.