How Educational and Edtech Companies Can Get More Enrolments Online

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How Educational and Edtech Companies Can Get More Enrolments Online

Due to the global pandemic, a growing number of educational institutions are canceling in-person classes and this has ultimately affected the admission process for the entire educational sector.

Although it has been quite problematic, many Edtech companies are using this disruption as an opportunity to automate their admissions processes.

While amongst the educators/teachers, 86% think it’s essential to use emerging technologies, while 96% believe that it increases student engagement.

In the middle of the ongoing crisis, the admissions and consulting industries have seen a considerable change in the landscape of enrolment.

Corefactors recently conducted a webinar with Mr. Akshay Wangal and Mr. Sagar about “How Educational and Edtech Companies Can Get More Enrolments Online”.

In this webinar, they talked about how automation has transformed the educational institutions worldwide and how it can help in enrolling students online.

With the rapid growth of Edtech innovations, institutions are now open to taking up the digital route in order to make quality milestones for enhancing the industry.

In the webinar, Mr. Akshay and Mr. Sagar had spoken about how Corefactors has helped thousands of institutions and Edtech companies to enroll more students online.

Participants got to learn more about:

  • Multichannel marketing(SMS, Email, Landing page editor, and Telecalling) to generate inquiries.
  • Reduced inquiry leakages and response time to 0.
  • Auto inquiry distribution based on the student’s geographic location, course preference, and more.
  • Nurture the enquires and move the inquiries closer to enrollment.
  • Track the entire admission team activities(SMS/Email/Calls), Performance, and productivity in a single dashboard.
  • Convert all inquiries as enrollments.

Here’s how you can enroll more students online and manage them effectively with an integrated sales and marketing tool:

  • You can track and record any applicant’s communication history with your admissions or marketing teams – including phone calls, emails, text messages, calls, etc.
  • Build personalized workflows with your applicants, like a journey, which would trigger based on the applicant’s actions.
  • Build landing pages and send automated emails in minutes without any HTML or design skills.
  • Get a centralized reporting system and track campaign performance seamlessly.
  • Customizable platform to give you the freedom to integrate different apps

Institutions across multiple campuses and locations enroll more students in courses and online programs with an automated process to achieve their enrollment target.

It’s better at capturing, processing, and managing student information.

You can’t afford to lose prospective students due to an inefficient enrolment process.

With Corefactor’s product, Teleduce, you can streamline workflows to provide faster services and response time to applicants, which would help improve their student experience from the beginning of their academic year.

You can check the recording of our webinar with Mr. Akshay Wangal and Sagar Maini on YouTube.

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