Putting Sales Actions To Test With Mr. Subramanian Chadramouli

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Putting Sales Actions To Test With Mr. Subramanian Chadramouli

A crisis can put the tenuous alignment of your sales and marketing organization to test. It’s important to know how and when you’ll respond.

There’s a lot of negativity in people’s minds during these times but you have to know that the post Coronavirus phase will bring lots of business opportunities.

In the webinar conducted by Corefactors, Mr. Subramanian Chandramouli explained relevant sales actions you could take during the time of a crisis like this.

No business is immune to the impact of the crisis, but what’s important is how you tackle it.

Mr. Subramanian explained how you can boost your sales in times of a pandemic like this:

  • Branding To The Rescue

Brand protection is really important in times like this. Add value to your content marketing techniques. Claim your social profiles and establish a presence by posting positive content either about your business or show empathy towards your team and customers.

  • Be Prepared

You need to be prepared for any kind of scenario. Build your skills in crisis management and draft a strategy for your business to handle the situation at hand. Assign team members to either crisis resolution or communication.

  • Target Opportunities

Identify how your product or service can help customers. You might also introduce new plans and strategies if that’s what the situation demands.

An automated email to all your existing customers saying that you’re open for business does a lot.

  • Consistent Communication

Your business communications shouldn’t only be consistent but also very effective. Especially in a crisis situation, when your customers are as worried as you. Make the crisis as uninteresting as possible. Communicate to bond, not to sell. Sales will follow.

  • Be A Good Listener

Effective communication doesn’t mean you dominate the conversation. Be ready to listen to your customers’ complaints, worries, and demands. Customers should feel that there’s a two-way conversation.

  • Evaluate Current Sales Pipeline

Track deals in progress, your approach to new business outreach, and any current or potential disruptions. Then, make use of these disruptions. Pay attention to the long-term goals of the sales team.

  • Wise Decisions

The most important one. You can beat the pandemic by your operational decisions. It would be a series of deliberate decisions that a company makes to handle the situation that makes it different from the usual crowd.

In the webinar, Mr. Subbramanian Chandramouli interacted with fellow audiences through different methods of storytelling.

The stories gave them the opportunity to connect with him more vividly during the session.

Concluding the webinar, he talked about how Corefactor’s product, Teleduce has helped him in maintaining his sales workflow.

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