Why Lead Management

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Lead Management is a series of marketing efforts right from capturing the leads, profiling them based on their attributes and actions, nurturing them with relevant contents at right time, allocating the lead to right sales person and finally converting them as customers through sales efforts.

Lead Management as a process can be broken to the following stages.

  • Lead Acquisition / Lead Generation
  • Lead Profiling / Lead Scoring
  • Lead Allocation / Lead Distribution
  • Lead Communication
  • Lead Nurturing

Lead Acquisition / Lead Generation

Lead generation is a process of acquiring new leads for your business from various sources / channels like social media, organic search, paid ADs, SMS & email campaigns.
Each of these channels can be connected to a proper lead management system like Teleduce to automatically capture the leads without any leakage. This also helps in benchmarking the channels based on the value and quality of the leads they generate.

Lead Profiling / Lead Scoring

Although we capture the leads from multiple channels, not all the leads are equal in value. The value of a lead is determined by different attributes of a lead and the actions taken by the lead based on our marketing efforts.
The attributes like the position of the lead in a company (for eg. VP has more value than a manager), geography (for eg. local company has higher probability of conversion), stage of business (enterprise vs startups) will impact the value of the lead.
Also, based on the actions taken by the lead, a score is usually allotted by the lead management systems like Teleduce. This process is called lead scoring which can help us to design the next steps in the marketing & sales workflow. For eg. if the lead has visited the pricing page, a higher score is given than a lead who has only opened the newsletter and not taken any further action.

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Lead Allocation / Lead Distribution

As we profile & score the leads, it is important to map them with the right sales persons to convert them as customers. Manual assignment of leads against sales persons will not be manageable once the number of leads increase.
Lead management systems like Teleduce will help in creating rules to automatically assign leads to the right sales person based on the lead profile, domain, geography, stage, expertise or simply based on lead score. This not only prevent the lead leakage but also increases the probability of conversion due to matching sales expertise.

Lead Communication

As soon as the right sales person is assigned by the lead management system, it is critical to communicate with the lead immediately. The intent of the lead to purchase or use our offering has to be ascertained without any delay.
Lead management systems like Teleduce offer integrated communication suite to call, email or send a SMS (message) to a lead right within the lead management system. They also provide useful features like creating content templates for quick communication to the lead. In addition, all the communication with the leads are recorded and maintained within the lead profiles. This powerful feature will help any sales team to coordinate their efforts in converting a lead as a customer without missing any crucial data shared in the communication.

Lead Nurturing

Even after a prompt communication with leads, there will be situations when the lead is not fully ready to purchase or use our offerings. In those cases, it is important to continue our relation with the lead and nurture them until they are ready for the sales.
Leads should be continuously fed with useful & relevant content helping their needs and updates about new developments at our end. Lead profiling done earlier can help us to tailor our contents exactly matching their stage of business or domain. This will help us to capture mindshare and position ourselves as a thoughtful brand. All of this will increase the conversion, when they are ready for sales.
Happy Marketing & Selling !
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