Why Marketing & Lead Management should be Connected?

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Lead management and marketing is in direct consonance with one another. Any change on one affects the other.
For small institutions, it is quite a challenge on their budget to maintain separate CRM and Lead management system. Therefore, it is of immense help and boost for a small or medium scale business to have an amalgamated platform.
The consolidated information in the form of customer information and documents are stored in a (Customer Relationship Management) CRM software. Besides the storage of basic information, other functions under the ambit of (Customer Relationship Management) CRM are recording various customer interactions over email, phone calls, social media, or other channels, depending on system capabilities. This assists the managers in tracking performance and productivity based on the data stored in the system.
Now that a business have Customer Relationship Management, it becomes critical to it success to have a proper lead management program to develop a business strategy. So, what is lead management?
Lead management is one such feature helping businesses track and optimize the entire sales process. Sometime referred to as customer acquisition management or contract management, it generally encompasses the following processes:

  • Lead generation
  • Customer inquiry and capture
  • Filtering, grading, distribution, and contacted
    Lead nurturing

Thus, the process of Lead Management and Customer Relationship Management is intertwined and works as a base for marketing. It show cases the target audience and saves a lot of resources from being wasted by shooting in the dark. Corefactor here provides the platform where CRM and Lead Management is integrated and is made affordable for the small and medium size enterprise and thus facilitates in strategizing a much smoother and sorted marketing technique for their individual product and/or services.
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