Why Marketo is worth $4.75B?

An historical and thrilling moment of acquisition of world proven software marketing company
named MARKETO by ADOBE an internationally focused multimedia software company has
been accomplished this year Sep which made to raise the eyebrows of all software marketing

B2B vs B2C Marketing

Marketo offers B2B marketing automation, lead generation, engagement and management
platform. Marketo’s enables acquisition to advocacy experience to large B2B enterprises.
Primarily B2B marketing focuses on the features, usability and value of the product to the
organization rather emotional experience which is predominant in B2C marketing. These days
B2C consumers expects greater customer experience across touch points and Adobe Experience
Cloud is an expert to drive heavy content of customer data that delivers real time, cross channel
experiences. With addition of Marketo, its obvious that Adobe Experience Cloud will enable
Adobe to offer an unrivaled set of solutions to all types of customers across industries.
The B2B marketing segment has been incredibly hot over the past 5 to 7 years. Adobe has been
strong in direct consumer B2C direct marketing and digital marketing. B2B marketing and lead
management market is still under-penetrated. We can confidently watch for Adobe to become
more active in the B2B market and also marketing clouds integration development.
From the financial point of view, Adobe’s total assets valued at US $ 14.53 billion and its larger
business comes from its Digital Media business which includes the Creative Cloud
Software. The digital Experience business of Adobe generates $ 614 million of revenue which is
21% growth over year. Parallelly Marketo has been generating revenue of about $321 million in
the year 2017. So, Adobe’s offer represents a valuation of nearly 15% prior year revenue.
Adobe acquired Marketo which has nearly 5,000 customers representing enterprises of all sizes
across industries that concretely rely on its marketing applications. In addition, Marketo
possessing over 500 partners with 65,000 members engaged in marketing community. It should
be the largest marketing community that discusses both B2B and B2C marketing going forward.
Marketo is the innovative pioneer and a trusted platform for thousands of CMOs owing to its
scalability, reliability and transparency. While Adobe is changing the world through digital
experiences, the combination of Marketo and Adobe’s experience Cloud will form the successful
system of engaging B2C and B2B enterprise marketers.
The synergy of Adobe and Marketo is undoubtedly and overtly going to glorify the future of
B2C & B2B marketing. And we can substantially emphasize that the venture is all together is
justifiable and the price $ 4.75 billion is worthwhile to target more than double within a couple
of year.
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Sharmila Sundaram, CEO of Corefactors and Sales Enthusiast. In the process of helping companies to sell faster and increase revenue. Hobby is to read books and hear music.

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