Integrated Marketing Communication


Your brand is the mirror of your Corporate identity. Promoting a brand requires many avenues of activity like Personal Selling, Direct Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Advertising, Social Media, Public Relations etc.

In the current digital age, an eclectic mix of the various avenues of Marketing is required to attract, engage and convert the customer. This can be done only by Integrated Marketing Communication.

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Objectives & Tools for sure success in integrated marketing communication


Integrated Marketing Communication aims at

1. Creating brand awareness

To promote your brand. you have to first make it visible. The first step towards this is creating brand awareness. Integrated Marketing Communication aims at dropping the spotlight on your brand, making it visible, evoking an interest in it and engaging people towards it.

2. Influencing Purchase

Sometimes it is very important to gauge the attitude of the customer. Integrated marketing communication helps to sway his purchase decision in our favour by assessing his mindset. Motivating customers to buy through persuasive advertising is one such method adopted by Integrated Marketing Communication.

3. Brand change

Making a customer change his set preferences towards a particular brand and opt for another new one is a tough task. Integrated Marketing Communication achieves this easily by comparison and by pinpointing the Unique Selling Points of the new brand.


Integrated Marketing Communication has many tools like social media, advertising, email marketing etc. Of all these, SMS, Whatsapp and Email marketing have been found to deliver instant results, concrete leads and sure conversions, if rightly handled.


SMS is one of the simplest and most economical tools of Integrated Marketing Communication. The main advantages of SMS is it is short, direct and receives immediate results. In fact, a survey revealed that 82% of the respondents opened every SMS they received. This clearly shows the high response rate for SMS.


Email is the most productive tool of Integrated Marketing Communication. While 60% of B2B marketers think that email is their best revenue generator, 80% of retailers feel email is best for customer retention.

Connectz- an innovative product for Integrated Marketing Communication

Today's Corporate World is ruled by Email and SMS. Thousands of leads are generated in a moment by SMS and Email Service Providers. The minute a lead is generated, immediate response is required to outwit the competition. To be ahead of your competitors and to strike the deal, you must get to the customer first and engage him. After the customer engagement, follow-up, tracking and monitoring should be done till the lead is successfully converted.

Connectz is an instant connect product that connects, engages, manages and monitors leads till their final conversion.

Connectz helps you instantly respond to leads generated by Lead Generation Websites like Justdial, MagicBricks, Sulekha or UrbanPro and effectively channelize your energies in converting them.

With the Connectz App, customer engagement and follow up is done automatically and effortlessly.
Ideal for SMEs, proprietorship concerns and start-ups, Connectz is the right interface between customers and service providers.

With amazing features at affordable cost, Connectz is your effective key to Integrated Marketing Communication.

To connect with Connectz, just log on to


Connectz instantly connects a call between the customer to the service provider on receiving the SMS lead from Lead Generation Websites
It maintains the call records and call history over the Cloud
If the customer is not reachable, Connectz generates a pre-defined SMS about the contact attempt
Connectz can be configured to work only during office hours
The Connectz App has the unique feature of providing you with a snapshot report of the leads generated on the previous day
It has a queuing system which helps you to switch to next sales person or redial if numbers are busy
Connectz maintains a record of your lead status and acts as a slim CRM
Connectz can be synced with CommonFloor, 99Acres and even Practo
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