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Analyse Sales & Customer Preferences

Teleduce enables features to analyse 360 degree view of customer preferences and sales data. Technically, Teleduce is designed to connect with any POS(Point of Sale)/Sale systems and data structures (Customer & Sales). System intelligence identifies the retrieved data and presents comprehensive customer preferences and sales information to you.

You will be excited to see the intelligence of the system which identifies the engagement of any customer recorded in the system. System provides a rating to each customer based on the engagement & purchase history.

Customer preferences includes Product Interest, Purchase History, Engagement History & Tags, Total Sales for a Period, No of Visits, Discounts Received, Recommended Products and Last Purchase Details. System pulls unstructured data from the web world and offers more interesting details about any customer.

Also system cleans up, deduplicate and creates single profile for the best view.


Integrate POS/Sales Systems
Slice & Dice Customer Details
View Sales & Predictive Marketing Reports
Review Engagement vs Sales Info
Personalized Call Experience

"A great set of people to work with. I have always had a good experience. they listen to the customers needs and deliver to the best of their ability. They are upfront in."

Mr Dharma Teja, CEO,

Ninestar suzuki

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