Data Verification

Data Verification - use cases:

  • During user registration, verify mobile numbers against a specific profile
  • During support / click-to-call / “call me back” process flows to verify leads and mobile numbers
  • As an option to log into website if the user forgot the password


Save costs over SMS and avoid having to send OTPs

Works internationally with country specific numbers

Avoid SMS latency and delivery issues

Dynamic numbers and expiration protect against SPAM

Static number implementation option available


Our verification solution solves two important problems that currently online world face

Validating the user and their contacts become vital for any company who works online now-a-days. We understand the data verification process and helps to verify the numbers in multiple ways

Also In today’s online world, cyber theft is threatening and online companies needs to verify the user periodically.

Corefactors to “Verify” is an innovative way to verify the mobile number by dialing the numbers. Each call to action would disconnect after 1 ring – end users are not charged for the call. There is no dependency on SMS delivery of authorization code, or on any delay in delivery of SMSes. The system works for Indian as well as International numbers. Also, the system is meant to verify mobile numbers as well as landline numbers.

Corefactors will share an API where the client needs to pass the mobile # of the user. Corefactors will trigger the voice call to the user and request the user to press 1 or 2. User responses will be shared back to the client via a callback URL to be provided by client

"We're quite happy using Corefactor's Automated IVR calling. Their service has been very supportive of our requirements. These help us in verifying users in real time."

Mr Ravi Mittal, Founder,


Data Verification - Simple API, Everything Automated, Data Verified

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