Webinar: Half-yearly Product Updates 2023

RevOps Enabling | AI Driven | Automated Relationship Mangement

Wednesday 27 September
16:00 - 17:30 IST


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Unlock New Possibilities:
Join Our Product Managers in this Exclusive Webinar

Pankaj Kumar K

Product Head & Co-Founder

Shobana M

Project Manager

Lead Stage Insights:

Discover the magic of knowing when a lead changes stages and how long it stays in each stage.

These insights empower you with crucial answers, helping you make smarter decisions:

  • Track lead stage movement in specific time frames - weekly or monthly or custom
  • Identify leads where stage changes haven't occurred recently
  • Get real-time updates and know the duration for a lead's current stage
  • Boost user accountability for lead closure
  • Empower your management with key information for prompt action

Enhanced Missed Call Campaigns:

Our API upgrade lets you send custom information with missed call campaigns.

Experience seamless communication with attendees and agents through SMS confirmations.

This means greater engagement, better lead management, and happier customers.

Webhook Retrial for Flawless Telephony:

Say goodbye to missing call records.

Our new solution ensures real-time call log transfer to 3rd party systems. Our esteemed customers like Zypp and Exide are already using it.

Even if the server goes down, we'll keep trying every 5 minutes to deliver those logs.Never miss any call logs and maintain them with smart automation.

Export Large Volume of Data with Efficiency:

Managing large data exports just got easier. Enjoy a seamless export process with these key features:

  • Export millions of leads effortlessly in a single go
  • Organize exported data in sequential order in the Zip file
  • Enhance transparency with export tracking and privileges
  • Faster downloads with compressed files, saving valuable time

Lead Stage Duration Analytics:

Get insights into your lead stages like never before.

Measure average duration, agent proactiveness, sales cycle efficiency, and more.

Make data-driven decisions to optimize your sales process.

Introducing Attendance Dashboard:

Efficient resource management starts here.

Explore our new "Attendance Dashboard" for:

  • Accurate Punch-In/Out timestamps for attendance tracking
  • Enhanced transparency with net working hours comparison
  • Identify areas for improvement with lost hours analysis
  • Get a comprehensive view with summary and detailed reports
  • Flexible timing models to suit your specific needs
  • Location tracking* for field agents to boost accountability

Customize your Success Box:

The Column Selector feature empowers you to tailor your view of the Customer Life Cycle with precision.

It lets you choose and display only the data directly relevant to your objectives, such as Transactions, Renewals, Tickets, and more.

  • Streamline your workflow
  • Maintain a clear and focused perspective on the Customer Life Cycle

This level of customization ensures that you're always equipped with the right information to drive your success.

Support Dashboard:

The Support Dashboard offers a smart and user-friendly way to access crucial metrics.

It provides valuable insights into four essential areas:

  • Carry Forward Tickets: Keep tabs on unresolved issues
  • Tickets Received: Manage workloads efficiently
  • Tickets Resolved: Gauge team performance
  • Tickets Pending: Stay informed about ongoing customer needs

With this dashboard, you'll have all the essential information you need at your fingertips to drive success in your operations.

Email Personalization:

With Email Personalization, send personalized emails from the Lead Box effortlessly.

Save time and reduce errors with minimal manual effort.

This feature semi-automates email communication for efficient outreach.