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Achieve Revenue 27X with ISM

You can’t have leads without marketing, you can’t have sales without a sales team, and you can’t have revenue without both.

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Integrated Sales and Marketing allows sales & marketing team to work together. It offers all the tools required for both sales & marketing teams. including CRM, Marketing Automation, Communication and reporting.

ISM allows to understand your customer better, the more targeted and strategic you can be in your communications. ISM captures relevant data about your target audience, like how online/offline visitors show interest in your products, did they engage in your email/SMS communication, did they visit your website, which pages they visited (and for what duration of time), at which page they left, and where they went next.

Various tracking metrics can help measure visitors’ interests toward specific marketing campaigns. And by syncing this data with lead box software will give your sales team even more insight into a buyer’s interests, actions, and pain points so they can tailor their conversations more effectively.

One Automated & Integrated Platform for 27x Revenue

Teleduce ISM Platform

Teleduce ISM platform has rich set of tools for both sales & marketing teams to work together and efficiently driving revenue 27X. It offers multi channel marketing campaign platform with tracking mechanisms, lead box (a sophisticated CRM), CRM integrated marketing automation platform and other tools for list and content management.

Multi Channel Marketing Platform

Concentrating on a single channel narrows down the scope of your audience. The more customers you engage, the more you convert. Cross channel marketing allows customers to engage with you faster. They like meeting you at different channels with more relevant content allowing them to move to next level in the buying decision path. Different channels has unique content needs like images, videos, texts, infographics, audio, etc as customer needs. Teleduce offers multi channel marketing platform with tracking mechanisms ensuring delivery and engagement.

Journey - Marketing Automation Platform

Helps nurture leads and develop better relationships with customers before they even talk to the sales. Buyers make their way through 55% of the journey before they even talk to sales. And only 27% of buyers reveal their interest during the early stages of that process, where marketing team has to retain the attention of uncertain customers for an indefinite period of time. Teleduce Journey allows Marketing automation is the brings an average 451% increase in qualified leads. Lead nurturing increases sales productivity by 14.5% and reduces marketing overhead by 12.2%

Lead Box(CRM)

Teleduce Lead box is a condensed way of Managing Leads generated across campaigns across channels. No matter where the lead is generated, it’s easy to manage in one single view, It offers multi channel communication with customers over SMS, Email and Voice Channels, one click to send proposal documents (from document manager), track the conversation with leads, configure and score the leads automatically. Lead dashboard displays intuitive analytics to business owners to understand pipeline and take decisions faster. Lead box’s custom filter and save option to create frequently used filters. It allows to create, filter, export, maintain groups and import leads

List/Contact Management

Helps to keep lists/contacts clean enhancing campaign performance. Campaign performance is directly dependent on cleanliness of the list. Maintaining list consistently is a cumbersome task by any person. Hence Teleduce offers integrated tools that always remove invalid/incorrect format contacts, update the lists automatically with bounced, unsubscribed or failed contacts. Everytime a campaign is sent, Teleduce ensures campaign is sent to valid contacts and achieves 70% better results than traditional methods.

Content Management

Content is key for campaign success. Content influences contacts to engage. Content creation needs platform to generate content creatively and present it for all devices and browsers. Teleduce content management offers drag and drop email & landing page design tools with creative templates. It also allows to manage all formats of content like brochures, explainer videos, logos, banners, emails, SMS texts, landing pages, etc...

Sales & Marketing Analytics

Sales and marketing analytics are essential to unlock relevant insights, increasing revenue and profitability, and improving brand perception. Teleduce enables marketing campaign reports, lead pipeline reports, sales productivity reports and customer usage reports that allows you to take decisions like which channels are performing better, do you need to invest more on it, how would be my next month sales, whom to reward in my sales team and more...

Customer Success Manager

Customer retention is the best source of revenue multiplication. Happy customers is more business and more referrals. Teleduce ISM integrates your invoicing, customer servicing & product usage tools to visualize unhappy customers and help them to achieve their goals. It also let you know upsell and cross sell opportunities.


Teleduce ISM technology is flexible enough to integrate other applications like Zoho, Quickbooks, Freshdesk, Zapier, Google Sheets, Tally, Lead generation market places like 99Acres, Commonfloor, UrbanClap, Housejoy, Practo, JustDial, Sulekha, Indiamart, Makemytrip and many more.


Automated Lead Generation

Blend of Offline & Online Marketing Channels

Teleduce ISM Platform helps businesses to run marketing campaign across SMS, Email, Voice & Social Media. Take decisions by comprehensive marketing report.

SMS Email Voice List Manager Content Manager Journey Unified Marketing Report & Analytics AI


Faster & Maximum Revenue

Tools & Intelligence for faster Sales

Simple lead management, less complex configurations, micro communication experience, inbuilt data intelligence features for faster sales.

Lead Box Integration with Zoho Integration with Quickbooks Sales Automation Content Manager Lead Analytics Lead Scoring AI


Simplified Communication with Intelligence

Integrated channels for seamless communication

Communicate with customers & prospects with inbuilt inbound & outbound virtual number. Teleduce track all communication activities and process channel intelligence that helps sales rep for better decision making.

Virtual Number Missed Call Voice OTP Channel Analytics AI

Every sale count, Sell faster with Teleduce

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