Lead Box

Manage Leads Efficiently
One Click Communication
Manage Tasks and Reminders
Auto Connect with Leads Instantly
Upload, Manage & Use Documents
Lead & Tasks in Mailbox
History of Communication
Customizable Lead Statistics

Lead Management software is a condensed way of Managing Leads generated across Campaigns across Channels. No matter where the lead is generated, manage in one single view, communicate with them over SMS, Email, Whatsapp and Voice Channels, send proposal documents(from document manager) to leads, track the conversation with leads, configure and score the leads automatically. Leads can be shared among the team, assigned to the sales executive, manage sales teams, their conversations & conversions.

Lead Box offers Multiple Views including Tile, Details, Pipeline and Score. Teleduce also enables proactive reporting on lead statistics to business owner/manager and sales.

Lead dashboard displays intuitive analytics to business owners to understand pipeline and take decisions faster. Lead box has custom filter and save option to create frequently used filters. It offers multiple actions to create, filter, export, maintain groups and import leads.

Lead details view covers all lead contact, status, activities, tasks & notes information intuitively. Activities that occurred with the leads are captured which will help to understand the communication from day one.

Tasks and Notes created by the lead owners and others can be viewed along with the date & time.

Teleduce is enabled with Communication Channels across applications. Lead box is again connected seamlessly where users can communicate across channels. All the communication are tracked and maintained as activities.