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For any Marketing to be success, Targets and the Quality of the Targets are highly important. Traditionally most of us use Excel sheets to maintain, manage and clean up our Targets. To do the same, We may need better Excel sheet working knowledge and probably we should be a master in it. One of other important pain point is cleaning up the contacts or converting the data to the format required for performing the Campaign.

Teleduce understands these pain points and enabling the feature “List Management”. List Management just asks to upload the file of contacts to the system and next is just a play. It supports to do filter the contacts by variables, slice and dice the lists and find right set of contacts. You can create Targets based on your requirement and thus you can use the same for your campaign across channels. It also supports to download your target list as csv and xls.

Also you will be able to add New Contacts to your Existing Target List and maintain them in the Cloud Software enabling faster and simple ways.

Upload, Manage and View Lists
Create/Edit/View Targets
Use the targets across campaigns
Segment & Manage Targets