List Manager for your Marketing Campaigns


Sales without marketing is like food without spice. Marketing Campaigns are the basic tools to maximizing your business opportunities and generating sales leads. The world today runs on Marketing Campaigns. For Marketing Campaigns to be productive, one needs an extensive mailing list and a robust List Manager.

Need for Lists in Marketing Campaigns

Contact lists are vital in Marketing Campaigns because they can be used to

  • Contact new prospective customers
  • Follow up the reached customers
  • Keep track of the existing ones
  • Collate and manage contact data for campaigns


"CoreFactors Teleduce is the best List Manager for your Marketing Campaigns"

CoreFactors Teleduce is an effective tool to enhance the performance of your Marketing Campaigns

Teleduce is a List Manager that helps to create targeted lists by filtering and segmenting data using defined variables

Creating customized lists is easy with Teleduce as it is quick in sorting and filtering contacts

Targeted lists can be downloaded as pdf or csv

Customized lists can be directly used for Marketing Campaigns


"Clean your list(mobile & email) faster, Gain better campaign results"

A List Manager is a vital asset for Marketing Campaigns as it is needed to

Categorize and compile distinct contact lists

A random and untargeted marketing blast will only waste resources and time. Focussed Marketing Campaigns are more fruitful as they are launched after thorough analysis of customer preferences and buying behaviour. A List Manager is the right tool to categorize your contacts and separate them into distinct mailing lists which are more suitable for your Marketing Campaigns

Analysis of customer database

As your database grows, it is easy to analyze and segregate them into targeted lists using a List Manager. This helps to evolve metrics for analyzing customer attributes which is very valuable for Marketing Campaign. A List Manager helps us to identify the customer preferences as it collates data into distinct lists.

Harvesting Customer attention

Capturing the attention of the customer is the main focus of Marketing Campaigns. To achieve this, you must ensure that your marketing communication is not lost among all others. Avoid wasting customer attention by using segmented lists and Microtargeting. A List Manager ensures that your marketing mailers will reach the right audience at the right time through precise messaging.

Test marketing

Segmented analysis is the backbone of Marketing Campaign. To estimate the effectiveness of your Marketing Campaigns, you should ideally test them on a small audience. This can be done effectively using a List Manager.


Micro-targeting is a powerful weapon in Marketing Campaigns. It involves analysis of customer's buying behaviour, applying his preferences, segmenting the customer groups and messaging to precise or focussed groups. A List Manager is the best means to implement Micro-targeting in Marketing Campaigns.

List Management

Your Marketing Campaigns may incur heavy losses due to redundant or duplicate data in mailing lists. A List Manager's main responsibility is to clean up the list by removing irrelevant, unwanted and duplicate data to avoid wasting resources and time. Bouncing of leads and unsubscribing are due to excessive mailing or irrelevant messaging. A List Manager must also monitor opt-outs, black lists and unread messages to maximize targeting.

Creating segmented lists

Using a List Manager, you can segment contacts on the basis of their demographics, geographical location or buying preferences. This helps in targeting your Marketing Campaigns better.

Importance of Email Marketing Campaigns

U.S. Analyst Research Firm Forrester Research has stated that "70% of the Email dollars spent is on Customer Retention". This validates the importance of Email Marketing Campaigns. Broad based Email Marketing Campaigns with random shooting of mailers have been found to be futile. Instead Email Marketing Campaigns with targeted mailers to niche segments fare better. This involves the use of email lists and a robust List Manager like CoreFactors' Teleduce.


Upload, Manage and View Lists
Create/Edit/View Targets
Use the targets across campaigns
Segment & Manage Targets

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