Marketing Journey

Marketing Journey

Automate your market content delivery using Teleduce Journey. Push your leads in the funnel to the bottom faster with zero effort. Let your customers reach you instead you followup.

Marketing Journey

Why Journey?

Lead generation is one of the biggest challenges for companies. Generating leads is challenging, and converting them is even more critical. In today's multi channel and digital experience world, manually delivering marketing content to nurture leads is time consuming, less efficient and difficult task. With Teleduce marketing journey, marketers can automate the marketing content delivery that nurtures leads and move them in the funnel to the bottom. The bigger news is even if marketers generate thousands of leads, journey will do awesome job. Focus only on generating leads, nurturing & converting would be easy with Journey.

Why Journey

Beyond Automation

Teleduce marketing journey works with AI to auto corrects marketers journey flow for faster conversions. Marketers may not need to build multiple journeys for A/B testing. Teleduce AI solution auto correct journey flow by finding the best efficient flow that converts faster.

Teleduce marketing journey develop better relationships with customers before they even talk to the sales. Buyers make their way through 55% of the journey before they even talk to sales. And only 27% of buyers reveal their interest during the early stages of that process, where marketing team has to retain the attention of uncertain customers for an infinite period of time. Teleduce journey brings an average 451% increase in qualified leads.

Zero Effort, 27X Faster Conversions

Teleduce Journey Features

The marketing journey is an automated process with defined steps. Journey gets triggered when a lead is created or an interest is captured in SMS, Email or Social Media Campaigns. Marketing journey allows marketers to configure different paths with different content for different lead sources or by any custom field in lead box or campaign tracking activity. Each step in Journey will be triggered based on events and timelines.

Journey Features

Design Journey

Teleduce Journey offers intuitive guided flow experience to design journey. It allows to send content thru inbuilt channels like SMS, Email and Voice. It enables up to 8 engagements for a journey since post 8 engagements without any response, it is unlikely that the lead will convert.

Design Journey

Journey Reports

Teleduce Journey report displays howmany onboarded the journey and how they are engaging with each content, average touches for convertions and converted leads. It helps marketers to opteamize the journey flow and content based on where journey participants are dropping, which content gains more interests, etc.

Journey Report

Send Personalized Content

Teleduce Journey is integrated with Lead Box. It has all the information that is required to send personalized contents. Teleduce journey allows you to design content with personalized references which will be automatically used on delivery.

Personalised Content

Create Teleduce journey today for maximum conversions.